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IHH brings 12 injured Libyans to İstanbul
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation which aims to evacuate the heavily injured Libyans from the country to provide them with treatment in Turkey is bringing 12 injured Libyans to Turkey via plane.
Africa 28.03.2011

These Libyans cannot be treated in Benghazi due to lack of necessary medical supplies and equipments in the region. Visiting the hospitals in Benghazi over the past week, IHH’s volunteer doctors Mahmut Coşkun, Şaban Coşkun and Mehdi Davud made a list of the patients who need to be transferred to Turkey for treatment. Following the completion of official procedures, 12 Libyan patients were sent to Egypt. Under the supervision of Doctor Coşkun, the patients will be taken to Egypt’s Alexandria where they will flow to İstanbul. A Libyan doctor will accompany the patients. The doctors took the patients’ health condition into consideration whether it allows making a long travel while selecting them. There are problems in the treatment of people who have orthopedic injuries in particular.

Other patients selected by the five-member IHH team are also expected to be brought to İstanbul in groups via plane from Egyptian city of Alexandria.

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