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13 truckloads of aid sent to Syria from Bursa
While the dimension of the humanitarian crisis in Syria grows further every passing day, there are efforts to help Syrians as part of the “Winter is coming… Bread and blankets for Syria” aid campaign.
MiddleEast, Syria, Turkey 21.01.2013

Bursa Humanitarian Relief Association has sent an aid truck to Syria where people suffer from clashes, cold, hunger and other problems. The value of aid collected in Bursa has reached TL100,000.

Aid items which are collected by local relief organizations across the country are taken to Syria by trucks and lorries every week.

A total of 13 truckloads of aid, collected in Bursa thanks to the efforts of the Bursa Humanitarian Relief Association, have been sent to Syria.

Another aid truck carrying 15,000 bottles of canned food, 6,000 packages of halva (each package weighing 200 grams), 1,000 blankets, 170,000 nursing bottles, 800 pair of shoes, 1,500 pieces of ready-to-wear clothing has set out this week for Syrian refugees.

The number of trucks sent to Syria from Bursa has risen to 13 after the departure of latest truck which carried aid at a value of TL100,000. The latest truck was sent from Ördekli Culture Center with prayers.

University students and villagers mobilized to help Syria

Students from the theology, medicine and engineering faculties of Uludağ University have made significant contributions to the aid campaign along with villagers in Bursa.

Villagers in Belenören, Keles, who sponsored construction of houses for flood victims in Pakistan in 2010, sent a truckload of food to drought-stricken Somalia and sponsored the opening of a water well there in 2011, have also given hand in hand to help oppressed people of Syria.

Belenören villagers who carry out charity work under the roof of a foundation called Bal-Der have rolled up their sleeves to send a truckload of aid to Syria via Bursa Humanitarian Relief Association. 

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