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134 trucks of humanitarian aid to Syria
Within the scope of the campaign ¨I Need You¨, 134 trucks of humanitarian aid were sent to Syria.
Syria 12.04.2014

Within the scope of the project ¨I Need You¨, 134 trucks of humanitarian aid prepared with the support of 30 NGOs from 15 countries including Qatar, Kuwait, Libya and England departed for Syria with prayers.

A farewell ceremony was organized for the humanitarian aid trucks in Reyhanlı district of Hatay. Humanitarian aid in the trucks will be delivered to needy Syrians in cities as Aleppo, Lattakiya, Deir ez-Zor and Hama.

IHH president Bülent Yıldırım gave a speech in the ceremony and stated that as IHH they do their best in order to support needy Syrians.

1,000 Trucks of Humanitarian Aid

Mentioning that approximately 1,000 trucks of humanitarian aid were sent to the region within the scope of the campaign, Yıldırım said ¨Today, we are sending 134 trucks out of 300 trucks we plan to send this month with an effort to support this campaign. We carried out these aid activities with all volunteers. Syrian women and children are waiting this aid now. IHH has sent more than 3,000 trucks of humanitarian aid to the region until now. Our support will continue."

Pointing out that Syrian people will be a little bit happy at least with this aid, Yıldırım said this effort is little in amount but great before God.

The IHH Coordinator to Syria Muhammed Yorgancıoğlu said that they aim to organize an international humanitarian aid convoy in order to meet the needs of Syrian people who are the victims of the war and in order to increase sensibility towards them.

Saying that the campaign ¨I Need You¨ was organized in order to attract attention to forgotten Syria and in order to transfer the humanitarian aid expeditiously, Yorgancıoğlu mentioned 134 trucks out of 300 trucks prepared as the second part of this campaign will be delivered to Syrians through 2 entry points.

AK Party Samsun Deputy Cemal Yılmaz Demir thanked the IHH authorities because of IHH's support for Syrians first and all other victimized and needy people all over the world. In trucks there are food, cleaning and baby materials.

Within the scope of the campaign the total cost of the humanitarian aid materials in 300 trucks prepared with the support of 30 NGOs from 15 countries is 16 million Turkish Liras. There are especially food, cleaning and baby materials in the trucks.

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