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Winter target: 1.500 aid trucks for Syria
IHH has been supporting the Syrians since the crisis first began in the country; this winter is no exception. This year, with the support of our donors, IHH aims to send 1.500 aid trucks to Syria from Istanbul and various Anatolian provinces.
Syria 16.11.2021

Millions of Syrians that were forced to migrate due to the war have been living under extremely difficult conditions for many years. With the coming of winter, the freezing cold weather and rain make these conditions even more difficult. There are hundreds of thousands of families that are unable to access basic needs such as boots, coats, blankets, stoves and fuel due to their financial situation. When it rains, the camps are flooded with mud and it is impossible to even walk around the camps. This coming winter, millions of people in need are desperately waiting for help from abroad. Together with our donors, IHH will not abandon the Syrians in the freezing winter months.

85.000 beneficiaries

For this year’s winter campaign, IHH - that has previously sent thousands of humanitarian aid trucks to Syria - aims to send another 1.500 trucks of humanitarian aid to the country. As part of the campaign launched on 1 November 2021 with the slogan “Winter is Coming, Don’t Leave Them Alone”, IHH will organize various activities. The first of these activities will materialize on 10 December World Human Rights Day. On that day, IHH will send 50 humanitarian aid trucks from Istanbul and 100 trucks from Anatolia to Syria. This aid will be distributed to 70 different camps in various regions of Syria including Idlib, Azaz, Jarablus and El-Bab. Almost 85.000 people will benefit from this aid on a monthly basis.


Last year, IHH sent a total of 1.117 humanitarian aid trucks to Syria.


Emergency needs list

IHH’s emergency needs list for Syria is as follows: Flour, coal, stoves, food packets, hygiene materials, sponge mattresses, blankets, children’s clothing and carpets/rugs.


To help

Donors that want to support the Syrian people can donate 5 TL by sending an SMS to 3072 via all operators stating the code SYRIA WINTER. Donors that want to contribute larger amounts can donate online via IHH website or IHH’s bank accounts again stating the code SYRIA WINTER. Donors can also contribute to the campaign by donating the items listed.

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