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15th of Ramadan to be celebrated as World Orphans Day
An important step is being taken for the orphans and abandoned children around the world. With the offer of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation the Islamic World is hand in hand for the orphaned children.
Turkey 07.07.2014







An important step is being taken for the orphans and abandoned children around the world. With the offer of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation the Islamic World is hand in hand for the orphaned children.

The fifteenth of Ramadan (12th of July) has been declared as a special day for the orphan children of the world for the first time. Now, it is time for the termination of government politics that leave children orphaned.

With 22 years experience in humanitarian aid around the world and support to the orphans, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has sent a Project to the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC), an organization that is head of 57 Islamic countries including Turkey in regards to the declaration of World orphans day in September 2013. In December with the partnership of OIC an international conference was held titled “The Role of Rising Civil Society Organizations in the Islamic World”.

At the conference where, senior executives of the Civil Society of the Islamic World, that participated in the conference IHH, highlighted the problems that orphans face during war, invasion, natural disaster and crisis living areas and proposed to comprehend a specific day once every year as a World Orphans day to make it the world agenda and raise awareness to the problems orphans face.

Between the dates 9th and 11th of December 2013, OIC viewed IHH's proposal at the 40th session of the Foreign Ministers Council that was organized at Conakry the capital of Guinea, and decided that, each year, the 15th day of the month of Ramadan in the Islamic world to be perceived as World Orphans Day.

According to the 40th session 1/40 ICHAD resolution NO. article 21, OIC conveyed this decision to all civil society organizations and charitable organizations that is within this decision, and on World Orphans Day, OIC pointed out the fact that the international community should take action to raise awareness about this day for the orphans and urged to start all kinds of social projects. World Orphans Day will be recognized for the first time this year on the 15th day of Ramadan (12th of July 2014).

IHH, which operates around in 140 countries around the world, is trying to draw attention to the fact that, in the world countries there is a deficiency in being productive in social politics. Murat Yılmaz explains their study that they have done in order to attract the attention of the world countries:

IHH Orphan Care Unit President Murat Yılmaz said that World Orphans Day should be able to emphasis on the the group of children that are mostly abused and it is foreseen that there is need for sustainable projects that is real, lasting and can change the lives of children.




World Orphans Day event which will be held in Turkey and all Islamic countries will be as follows:

- OIC member countries will organize press conferences in Turkey and Islamic countries to raise the orphan children to their agenda’s

- The disclosure of the report "Orphan Children in the World" in regards to the state of children and orphans in the world and Islamic world

-  In regards to the orphan children to explain the necessary solution steps to overcome the critical picture

-  Every province of our country and OIC member countries to organize Iftar programs and have the orphans as cheif guests

- All of the orphan children in Islamic countries to be delighted with Eid clothes

- The Friday sermon (14th day of Ramadan- 11th of July) to be given in regards to the subject "orphan children and our responsibility" in all of the member countries, the Ka'aba and the Al-Aqsa Mosque

- On the 15th of Ramadan the countries that are members of OIC to visit orphanages and foster homes and distribute gifts to children

- Every country to convey the issue "orphan children", in written, visual and through social media
Art and photo exibitions to be organized in the framework of World Orphans Day

In the Muslim world on the occasion of World Orphans Day short, medium and long term, the following activities are planned:

- OIC member countries related to each country's orphans and abandoned children, to prepare reports and to bring together the information for the World Orphan Children Report

- OIC member countries to organize hall programs, festivals and charity campaigns for the benefit of orphans

- In the capital of every OIC member countries, if possible every city to organize iftar programs in orphanages. Children should be guests of honor at the Iftars

- For the orphan children education, health and social support projects to organize aid campaigns and these campaigns to be closely monitored and finalized by relevant ministries and NGO

- During the activities for the orphans, issues such as prostitution, alcoholism, substance addiction should be dealt with closely and necessary solid steps should be taken to be able to keep them away from these areas

- Within the scope of Ministry of National Education in all schools nationwide there will be art, poetry and essay competitions about orphans and abandoned children, competitions will be organized throughout the country so there can be an awareness within children in helping others.

- To increase the awareness in children of the value Islam shows orphans (orphans and abandoned children). In regards to this issue member countries and Directors of Religious Affairs should work together

- In every country that is the member of OIC the Friday sermon on the 14th of Ramadan should be "orphan children"

- Solid steps to be taken in every OIC member country for the improvement of physical conditions of orphanages

- For the children in the orphanage to be better equipped after their life in the orphanage, there should be an opening in the vocational training sector and the children should graduate from orphanages with a profession they have adopted

- To create awareness in society in all member countries the "Orphan Symposium" to be excerised. The implementation of the decisions taken at the symposium and the symposium will be published as book in regards to the orphan work and to form a literature/ resource

- Across countries of the orphaned child-related scientific meetings to be held frequently

- In 2015, on World Orphans Day "Orphan Children Summit" to be done with the participation of member countries. Relevant Ministers and NGO's to participate this Summit

- Within OIC all NGO's to come together to work on orphans and expansion of activities in the field
OIC member countries Presidents to publish special messages on 15th of Ramadan World Orphans Day

- Not yet orphaned, however, due to wars, natural disasters and diseases such as AIDS children are likely to be orphaned, there should be precautions taken. "Wars should Finish!"

- For the orphan mother's to be able to hold onto life and for the children that have lost their father not to get lost in life there should be production of projects including positive discrimination

- Within OIC NGOs to organize between themselves "Project Competition for Orphan Children". Successful projects to be supported by OIC and the Islamic Development Bank

- To provide orphan children with psychological support and rehabilitation sessions

-In all countries, NGO's and the relevant levels of government will implement the Orphan Solidarity Days (OSD) and arrange schedules. Islamic countries to apply OSD programs within their countries and countries where Muslims are a minority. (For example, member country Turkey can support the minority of Muslims in Vietnam with various social programs for the orphans.)

- Orphan sponsorship work to be done within OIC member countries and have sensible people pay a monthly fee for the orphan children's education, health, food, clothing needs

- To form a common logo for the orphanages in the Islamic world

- To form a support criteria for an orphan. (Children's humanitarian, moral and Islamic development based on principles of identifying and tracking systems for orphans to be carried out.)
Social services department to be opened in all public and foundation universities within the OIC member countries

- The opening of special quota for orphans in universities

- OIC Humanitarian Forum members to form oprhan units at NGOs

- Orphanage inspections to be done regularly and follow up on physical and psychological progression

-  For a system where family warmth is felt, more love and children houses system to be able to be implemented, OIC member countries is to form the foundation work for it to be applied in member countries

- Children adoption and foster care system to be in accordance to Islamic law

- Academic studies to be done related to orphan law

- Orphan children to be supported and to prepare drama, animations and films in regards to the childrens life

- Each Class has an Orphan Fellow (ECHAOF) is a project to help children in schools gain awareness about orphans from an early age

- For the above mentioned proposals and after "orphans" issues to be followed up and countries within OIC to form an active secretariat. (Orphan Found)

- An information pool to be formed to pursuit work to be done regarding orphan children in the Islamic world, to communicate quickly between member countries and to form an environment of cooperation

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