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1m Iraqis crippled by US invasion
About one million Iraqi civilians have been crippled since the US invaded Iraq.
Iraq, Middle East, Turkey 16.06.2008

Majority of the victims were crippled by attacks and thousands were paralyzed by the effect of explosions they witnessed. A fieldwork study conducted by Handicap International and Iraqi Health Ministry revealed that the number of handicapped people in the country rose by 30 percent since the occupation started in 2003. The report said about half of the people defined as handicapped suffered from hearing problems and thousands of the victims had complete hearing loss.         

Experts state that the skull damages caused by explosions have permanent effect, namely crippled and paralyzed people will suffer from the damage until death.   

According to a survey conducted by British polling agency Opinion Research Business in 15 out of 18 Iraqi provinces in early 2008, 1,030,000 were killed, two million women were made widow and six million children lost either of their parents since the occupation began. The UN refugee agency stated that four million people were forced to flee their country by the occupation.     

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