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258 permanent works and 14.000 briquette homes in 2020
In 2020, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation completed the construction of 258 permanent works and 14.000 briquette houses in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
Chad, Nigeria, SriLanka, Sudan, Syria 03.02.2021

In addition to the humanitarian aid operations carried out all over the world, IHH is continuing to be a ray of hope for the oppressed and afflicted with its permanent works.

IHH is constructing permanent works for people that are struggling to survive under extremely difficult conditions in various countries. To meet the needs of the people in these regions, IHH develops its construction projects according to the conditions in the particular country and launches the projects with the support of donors. Our donors can contribute to the construction projects classified as sadaqa jariya (ongoing charity) alone or jointly with their families, group of friends, co-workers or relatives.   


In this scope, IHH has completed 3 healthcare centers, 12 schools, 12 cultural centers, 1 education center, 21 mosques, 16 Quran course places, 190 shelter homes, 3 orphanages and 14.000 briquette houses to serve the people of these regions.

Permanent works in Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Permanent works that were completed in 2020 were opened in Benin, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Somali, Syria, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Uganda, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand.

14.000 briquette houses in Syria

In 2020, IHH has launched its “Provide Shelter for the Oppressed” campaign for the Syrian people that have faced civil war for the past ten years and handed the houses over to the refugees.

Last year, the concrete and briquette home projects materialized by IHH – along with its other operations in many fields including food, healthcare, shelter and schools - rescued thousands of families from living in tents and provided them with warm homes to live in. The construction of new briquette houses is continuing in the region.


Our aid operations are continuing

In 2021, IHH that carries out aid operations in 123 countries will continue the construction of 202 permanent works and thousands of briquette houses in various countries.       

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