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22nd aid truck departs for Syria from Kayseri
An entire truck has been filled with sacks of flour, collected thanks to the Kayseri based Syrian Friendship Womens Group, and now making its way to those in need in Syria by way of IHH roadway.
Syria, Turkey 03.04.2014

Zeynep Isik who is a representative member of the Syrian Friendship Womens Group made a statement in front of the World Trade Center with the trucks departing for Syria from the center. Mentioning that the war in Syria has now raged on for four years, with millions of people having fled their homes and that children, women and the elderly continue to be massacred, she said “Bashar Asad is a tyrant and the Ba'ath party continues to slaughter Syrians mercilessly as the world watches on. Cities have been destroyed, children have been orphaned and millions of people are destitute, desperate for clean drinking water and bread. Muslims are being tested in terms of their unity to their brothers and sisters. We must share our bread and water with the Syrian people, and it is our time now to soothe their wounds.

Located in Kayseri, the Syrian Friendship Womens Group has made a tremendous effort for their Syrian brothers and sisters, fulfilling their humanitarian duty. This has resulted in a whole truck filled with sacks of flour for their bread, making its way to Syria now.  Kayseri Humanitarian Relief Association has previously sent foodstuffs, clothes, shoes, and other aid and now this is also being sent as behalf of the a

She also said, “As part of the Syrian Friendship Womens Group, not only are we the helpers for those Syrians who have sought refuge in our city, but we also believe that we are being a source of comfort for their wounds. We would like to thank the Kayseri Syrian Friendship Womens Group with their unwavering efforts for our team, as well as the many women helpers, the team and to everyone and the charitable people for their contributions.”

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