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Aid to 44 thousand people
Until now, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has delivered food and hygiene packets to 44.963 needy people in 81 cities of Turkey.
Syria, Turkey 05.04.2020

Turkey is experiencing a difficult time due to the coronavirus pandemic. The virus is affecting mostly the elderly and those with pre-existing chronic illnesses. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation launched the ‘Now is the Time for Solidarity’ campaign to support the Turkish people and deliver aid to those in need. IHH’s volunteers visit the homes of the elderly, ill and people in need in order to meet the needs of those who are unable to leave their homes in 81 cities. IHH is also making every effort possible to support families that are most affected during this period. In coordination with the Vefa Social Support Groups formed under the local governorships, next week IHH will begin to distribute 10 million TL to orphaned families, those who have lost their jobs and those who work as casual laborers.

IHH took action to distribute 100.000 food packets all around Turkey and has begun to deliver the packets to those in need. IHH is also continuing to distribute 10.000 hygiene packets. Since the beginning of the crisis, IHH has delivered the aid of its donors to 11.234 families all over Turkey. In total 44.936 people have benefitted from this aid.

IHH will continue to help more people by increasing its aid capacity according to the support of donors.


We received 23.000 aid applications

As a part of the campaign, our foundation added an aid appeal form on its website. After receiving 23.000 appeals in a short time, we temporarily suspended the application form. A commission was formed in order to analyze the applications and respond to the families as quickly as possible. 25 personnel were appointed at the commission where high-level precautions were taken by observing social distancing to protect against the coronavirus.   

saglikcilara-moral-ziyareti.jpg A Morale Visit to Healthcare Workers

Aside from distributing aid in Turkey, IHH also conducts operations to lift morale and motivate the country’s healthcare workers. Our teams visited hospitals and distributed small gift packets to thank the healthcare workers for all their efforts. IHH delivered packets containing fruit juices, cakes, hand sanitizers, slippers, pajamas, batteries for medical devices, masks and gloves.


The Youth did not Forget Stray Animals

IHH Youth teams left food and water containers in various regions for stray animals that are having difficulty in finding food.


Syrian Women Manufactured Masks in Gratitude for Turkey

Syrian women living in Şanlıurfa began to manufacture masks to thank Turkey. Syrian men in the city also gave support to this voluntary program. With this IHH Vocational Training Center’s program, reusable masks made of protective silk material are manufactured. This production is supervised by the Governorship and Local Health Department. IHH Vocational Training Center produces 1.000 masks daily where they are distributed to the poor and orphaned families.


Aid to Syria is Continuing

IHH teams are also continuing their aid activities in Syria. In addition to the distribution of hygiene packets, families are also given health checks. Our foundation is also distributing brochures to raise awareness regarding coronavirus refugee camps.

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