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500 more cataract surgeries in Sudan
500 more cataract surgeries were performed in Sudan in the past week.

Within the scope of the "100,000 Surgeries in Africa” campaign, the IHH teams have travelled to Sudan's North Kordofan state in the past week.

In the North Kordofan region of El Rahat Ebu Dekane that aimed to complete 5,000 surgeries, 500 have already been completed. The teams that performed the surgeries also gathered further information regarding the region.

The IHH teams found that there were many people who had problems in at least one eye if not both eyes as a result of inadequate health care and doctors. Within the scope of the project, at least 500 people are being cared for and 70 surgeries are being performed on a daily basis.

For the patients who have surgeries, sunglasses have been distributed and are being checked upon and their dressings after their surgeries are also being examined.

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After surgeries and further examinations, the IHH teams met up with the district supervisor Sadik el Murdi to see into further projects in the area.

Murdi, who thanked the teams for their efforts, maintained that they will be able to continue the projects that are currently running and that they will do what they can to ease the facilitation of these projects.

Murdi also explained to the IHH teams that the needs of those in the area are a mosque, prayer area, water well, primary school, high school, and a Quran scripture class. Ahmet Kücükkahveci, one of the members of the IHH teams, who surveyed the list acknowledged that the teams in Africa will prioritize these needs.

The El Rahat Ebu Dekane region which has a population of 190,000, is the thirtieth camp and location where many of the cataract surgeries in Sudan have taken place. Up to now, of the 76,761 cataract surgeries performed, 35,840 have been completed in Sudan.

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