IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
6 trucks of aid from Amasya to Syria
6 trucks of aid sent by our benefactors and donators from Amasya has reached Idlib and Halab and been delivered to their locations by IHH teams.
Syria 23.11.2013

6 truckloads of aid brought together by Ozgur-Der Amasya, and volunteers from Hizir-Der situated in district centers of Amasya, Merzifon, Havza, Erbaa, Tasova and Samsun-Carsamba have been sent to Syria.

3 truckloads of aid were also added to the convoy, The Amasya Hayatcan Foundation had contributing with 1 truckload and 2 truckloads of humanitarian aid organized by Muhammed Cintas in Merzifon.

The humanitarian aid sent not only consisting of but included 86 tons of flour, 40 tons of pasta, 2 tons of oil, 250kg of sugar, 500kg of olives, 10 tons of onions, and 500kg of dried foods.

Adding on top of this 250 orthopedic single person beds, 300 jumpers for children, 35 boxes of baby diapers, 20 boxes of incontinence garments, 50 pairs of shoes, 5 boxes of liquid detergents, 10 boxes of new clothing, blankets and other necessities were also sent.

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