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9 New Water Wells Dug In Ethiopia
IHH, The Foundation For Human Rights and Freedoms And Humanitarian Relief, has recently built 9 new water wells in Ethiopia where clean water resources are scarce. Together with the newly dug ones, IH
Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia 17.06.2010

One of the most important issues currently facing Africa and Ethiopia as well, is lack of clean water resources. Epidemic diseases such as dysentery spread easily in the continent, among people who have very limited access to clean water. Thousands of people each year lose their lives due to preventable diseases like these. Lack of access to water leads to a number of deadly diseases.

Child deaths are prevented and lives of those who have to walk for kilometers to access clean water are significantly improved by digging water wells.

IHH has carried out water well building campaigns between 2005-2010 in various regions of Ethiopia. Recently 9 new water wells have been built by IHH teams in the region. Thus, the number of water wells dug by IHH in places with no access to clean have reached 102. IHH teams are working on building 12 more. Thousands of people will be benefitting from the wells dug in Africa. Names given to the newly dug water wells are: Aliye Senaltun Kayseri IHH, Meryem Senaltun Kayseri IHH, Haci Cemal Demir, Istanbul Imam Hatip 1982 7A, Halil Ibrahim Kilic, Ishak Hafizoglu, Mehmet Fazile Acilan, Sabit Kavukcu, Saadet Elmadag.

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