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A Huge Aid Campaign For Syria
A campaign called “I need your help” was started by Humanitarian Relief Platform in order to help especially children, women, the old and the patients in Syria to hold on to life and to support them.
Syria 27.01.2014

Infighting that began in 2011 in Syria has been continuing nearly for 3 years, increasing its effects.

Before the incidents the country used to have a population of 20 million. Today 10 million people in the country need emergency relief. Through this period, 6.5 million Syrian people had to leave their homes 3 million of them went to neighboring countries.

More than 1 million children

There quarters of the people who had to go away from the country were consisted with women and children.

More than 1 million children have been trying to hold on to life away from their countries and homes in difficult conditions. Children are dying in Syria because of harsh winter conditions and hunger, and people are the very need humanitarian aid materials.

Therefore to be able to improve conditions for the refugees in Syria, urgent measures have to be taken. While number of refugees is increasing day by day, refugee camps fall behind to meet the needs of food and other requirements. As there is no flour in many places, bakeries cannot offer service. The most needed foodstuff is “flour”, “sugar”, “boiled and pounded wheat” and “cooking oil”.

The conditions in the Bab al- Salam Refugee Camp in Kilis boundary are getting worse. The most affected ones from cold weather are the children and the old. Due to winter conditions, the emergence of epidemic illnesses among refugees living in nylon tents is at close hand. The need of food, blankets, winter coats and boots for children must be met immediately. Within the scope of winter aids, the most urgent needs are “tents”, “blankets”, “electric heaters”, “sets of women’s underwear”, “women’s long underwear”, “kids long underwear”, “coats”, “shoes”, “boots”, “hats”, “gloves” and “socks”.

A huge humanitarian aid campaign was launched upon the increase in child deaths and the increase in the number of the needy people with each passing day due to hunger and harsh winter conditions as well as the incidents in Syria.

With the campaign called “I need your healp” supported by Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency and contributed by IHH and many other humanitarian relief foundations, it is aimed that especially children, the old and the women will be able to hold on to life and it is aimed to be a remedy for them.

Under the Humanitarian Relief Platform that launched a campaign last year with the name of “A bread, a blanket”, IHH and many other civil society institutions support the new campaign.

Those supporting the campaign:

As well as IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency; Hak-İş Confederation, The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World, Confederation of Public Servants Trade Unions, Turkey Diyanet Foundation, Turkish Foundation for Volunteer Organizations, International Rabia Platform, Anadolu Agency, AID Alliance of International Doctors, Ankara Damascus Young Businessmen Foundation (ANSAGİAD), Beşir Association, Cansuyu Charity and Solidarity Organization, Deniz Feneri Association, Dost Eli Charity and Solidarity Association, World Orphans Foundation, Hayrat Humanitarian Relief, Foundation, Isra International Charity and Solidarity Association, Iyilikder Charity and Solidarity Association, Kimse Yok Mu Turkish Non Governmental Organization, Sadaka Taşı Association, Şifa Platform, Turkish Red Crescent, Verenel Association, Yardımeli Association and Doctors Worldwide support the campaign.

In order to support the campaign:

You can donate financial aids by hand coming to the headquarters of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.
You can donate via phone Tel: +90 212 631 21 21
You can donate online using Online Donation system
You can donate by making a remittance to bank account numbers of IHH written on the website
You can donate via postal checking account of IHH written on the website

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