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A small Turkish town sends 2 trucks of aid to Syria
The locals of Kelkit, a small town in eastern Turkey, Gümüşhane collected 2 truck-load of aid materials and it already hit the road to deliver its freight to Syrians in need.
Syria, Turkey 07.03.2014

IHH volunteers in Gümüşhane’s Kelkit launched a campaign bearing the same name with its goal: “Let’s Have Kelkit Send Aid-Truck to Syria” in conjunction with IHH’s “For the Vicinity Rights” campaign.

With the support of counties and villages of Kelkit town the campaign managed to collect 2 truck-load of humanitarian aid for Syria. The trucks loaded with aid materials collected by Kelkit locals set off for Syria.


IHH volunteer who is involved in the campaign said:

“We are extremely happy and moved by the efforts of Kelkit people. Our people are far from being well-off and they struggle daily to make the ends meet yet they tried their best to contribute to the humanitarian efforts for Syria and acted in a noble way for our neighbouring country Syria. I would like to extend our thanks to each member of our community and wish all the best to IHH which paved the way of humanitarian relief work for that matter. Thanks very much to all NGOs, institutes and bodies that gave support and got involved in the relief work.


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