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A warm house from IHH for Nepalese orphans
An orphanage bearing the name of a Turkish couple, Ali Ramazan and Meryem Üstünsoy, will be opened at the end of Muslim holy month of Ramadan when its construction is completed in Nepal.
SouthAsia, Nepal, Turkey 10.06.2013

 IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which meets various needs of more than 1,000 orphans in the 15 orphan education complexes it established in different countries of the world, is preparing to open its 16th orphan education center at the end of Ramadan.

IHH, which last week laid the foundation of a dormitory which will house 100 students and a mosque with a capacity to host 1,000 people with a ceremony, will offer the warmth of a house to orphan children of the Muslim community in Nepal with the orphanage complex that is set to open soon. The orphans will come from every part of the country, west, east, south and north.

The Ali Ramazan & Meryem Üstünsoy Orphan Education Complex, whose construction rapidly continues in Sunsari-Bograha near Biratnagar province at Indian border, is established on an area of 15 acres. The complex will be the first of its kind in the region and it will provide accommodation to 100 orphans. All the needs of the orphans will be met by charity givers until the end of their university education. IHH, which currently provides support to 30,750 children across 42 countries of the world, aims to reach out to 400 Nepalese orphans until the end of the year.

Ten percent of the 30 million population of Nepal is comprised of Muslims. In the country where there is predominantly Indian population, there are sometimes acts of violence against Muslims. Muslim leader Ferzan Ahmed was killed as he was leaving a mosque in the country in 2011. Just three weeks ago, one of the Muslim leaders, Sadrul Mia Hak, was also assassinated.

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