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Africa Cataract Project Meeting in Jeddah
Officials of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation held an official meeting at the centre of the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah, on the IHH's Africa Cataract Project which has been conducting for
Africa, BurkinaFaso, Niger, Somalia, Sudan 21.07.2011

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation introducing the Africa Cataract Project to the international communities to bring hope for the increasing population of cataract patients in Africa. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which reported the situation to the international development organizations, also shared the report on the situation in Africa with many local and international organizations which fight against blindness.

Due to the drought and famine the number of the cataract patients has been increasing constantly in Africa where the cataract problem occurs due to the malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, and direct exposure to the sun.  As a result of IHH's work in Sudan as of July, 52,100 eyes met with the light.

As a result of a project, which was implemented by our foundation in cooperation with  the Islamic Development Bank,  in Southern Sudan 198 people regained their sight back. In July, another meeting was held with the officials of the Islamic Development Bank at its center in Jeddah. Head of the IHH Department of External Affairs Durmuş Aydın, Africa Coordinator Murat Musap Uyar and Project Officer İhsan Özyürek attended the meeting.

After the meeting with the officials of the Islamic Development Bank, the IHH officials signed pre-protocols to open an eye hospital in Nigeria and to conduct operations on cataract patients in Sierra Leone and Somalia. It is reported that, after a meeting in Istanbul in next September, the agreed projects will start to be implemented.

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