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African Orphans’ Night draws huge interest
African Orphans’ Night, organized by a group of students from Boğaziçi University who launched the From the Campus to World and Bookmark Project with the slogan of “being a little smile on the cheeks
Africa 14.12.2011

The program which was presented by Ümit Sönmez, drew huge interest from people. The participants of the program where the tragedy of the orphans all around the world was shown, were moved by poems and melodies about orphanage. Boğaziçi University students have so far collected TL94,000 from the sales of bookmarks, notebooks and badges as part of the Bookmark Project which they launched 10 months ago.

The students aim to complete the construction of an orphanage which began in Malawi and reach out to as many orphans as possible in the region.

Delivering a speech at the program, IHH Executive Board member Gülden Sönmez said the doors of the IHH are always open to youths and the foundation supports the project of the Boğaziçi University students. Sönmez called on the youths to launch new projects and be more active in order to reach out to the people in need.

Author Hakan Albayrak, one of the guests at the event, also made a speech and recited a poem for the African orphans. Dhoruba bin Wahad, known for his fight for the rights of American orphans, was also among the guests of the program. Coming to Turkey after two years to attend this program, Wahad talked about racial discrimination and problems faced by Muslim inmates in prisons in the United States. He called on the university students to get organized and have solidarity. The participants of the program voiced their content with the event during which İbrahim Sadri recited poems and Mesut Kurtis sang melodies.

In addition, awards of the students who ranked the top in the international caricature competition on the subject of “Hunger, Obesity and Death,” which was organized by the From the Campus to World and Bookmark Project team were presented at the event. An album which includes 50 caricatures which ranked the top in the competition was put on sale at the program. The caricature exhibition and a photo exhibition of the African orphans was open to visitors at the lounge of the Bağlarbaşı Culture Center throughout the day.

Students said a total of TL25, 000 was collected at the event for the orphans, which they said much higher than the figure they aimed for. The students said they will undertake the care of several orphans for one year with this money. Boğaziçi University students cooperate with the IHH in their orphan relief efforts. 

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