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Five trucks of humanitarian aid from Afyon to Syria
Five trucks of humanitarian aid for the needy Syrians gathered by Aid Platform from Afyon to Syria set off to Syria.
Syria 01.01.2014

Within the scope of aid campaign organized by “Aid Platform from Afyon to Syria” for the needy Syrians, aid convoy consisting of five trucks was sent to Syria.

Afyonkarahisar governor giving a speech before the convoy set off, said that there is an oppressed nation in Syria and people there are deeply distressed every day.

Expressing that no country other than Turkey are caring for these people, Balkanlıoğlu mentioned that Syrians spread all over the world and Turkey is pulling the peak load. Saying that “There are our brothers and sisters who are hungry, needy, and miserable in this cold weather conditions”  Balkanlıoğlu remarked that:

“When they are being victimized there, it is not even right for us to deal with other agendas. Because real agenda is this at all. I thank to the administrators and volunteers of the relief association who are making efforts to help oppressed people all over the world without any money making purpose but only for Allah's sake. I also thank to the volunteers in Afyonkarahisar, I congratulate them. I pay my respects to the people of Afyonkarahisar supporting this campaign. May Allah accept your good deeds”.

Mayor Burhanettin Çoban said that civil society organizations in the city have made a good collaboration and this has given hope to everyone and made them so happy.

Saying that “May Allah not leave anyone hungry and homeless”, Çoban remarked that upon the platform call they did their best. He said that they started a mission to buy baby formulas and they will send 3 trucks of baby formulas costing 200.000 Turkish Liras to Syrian babies soon.

The spokesman of Aid Platform from Afyon to Syria and IHH’s Afyonkarahisar volunteer Ahmet Ertürk remarked that they started a mission to transfer aids given in kind to Syrians. Saying that in Afyonkarahisar, as sensitive civil society organizations they all started to work for the campaign on 13th November, Wednesday, Ertürk continued as:

“With the slogan of ‘Completely for the human’, not aiming anything else except Allah’s sake, for the innocent people who are suffering and in order to make use of the richness of collaborating, we started off. Perhaps its name and aim was ‘aid to Syria’, but in fact we helped to ourselves. Al-hamdulillah, we experienced the efforts of collaboration of the ummah. Our sensitive brothers continued to give an increasing support day by day. We arranged small places in various neighborhoods in the village, town, district and city centers. We gathered aids in kind in these places. Today 5 trucks are on the way. We will send 6th truck in the near future inshallah including the aids existing in the hall here. Moreover a lorry in the organized industrial site and other trucks in some other places are being loaded. We will send them also subsequently”.

Ertürk informed that aid materials will be distributed by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and trucks full of food and basic needs will first go to refugee camps in Reyhanlı.


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