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Aid continues to flow to Gaza
Officials of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in the Gaza Strip are continuously distributing foodstuff to the families that were affected in the Israeli strikes. Foodstuff packages were deliver
Palestine, MiddleEast 23.01.2009

Israeli military left a devastated city behind as they withdrew from Gaza. The entire infrastructure of Gaza was destructed. The people Gaza are grieving over its killed and wounded civilians as they are trying to recover. The latest Israeli offensive combined with month-long embargo and blockade made Gaza needier to foreign aid. Medication, generator, fuel and basic foodstuff are among the materials needed in Gaza.

The IHH began rushing relief aid to needy people of Gaza just after the Israeli offensive started and is still distributing humanitarian materials to the affected people.

The IHH team in Gaza is delivering urgently needed relief materials to the people of Gaza under the supervision of IHH President Bülent Yıldırım and IHH executive board member Osman Atalay, who are currently in Gaza.

Foodstuff packages were delivered to 1,000 families in the last several days. Twenty-one Turkish families and 29 families of the killed Gazans were donated money. Another Gazan family that lost 72 of its members in the attacks was given cash donation.

Four surgeons and one nurse on the IHH team currently in Gaza are working at Gaza al-Shifa Hospital.

IHH President Yıldırım recalled the foundation has donated 10 million Turkish liras in cash and in kind so far and said: "We crossed into Gaza before a ceasefire was agreed on. Our teams here are distributing relief materials such as medication, foodstuff, diaper, powdered milk, and etc. The teams are organizing the distribution of aid materials sent from Turkey through Rafah border crossing. Aid delivery is done every day, because more than half of the Gazan population lost their properties in the Israeli operation."

Cholera risk in Gaza

Yıldırım drew attention to the risk of a cholera outbreak in Gaza, adding "Sewage networks, sewage treatment plants and pumping stations were severely damaged in the Israeli attacks. Over two million cubic-meters waste water and sewage is flowing into streets, farms and coastal strip. This situation poses a serious threat to the Gazan population, particularly to children."

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