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Arab Convoy takes 12 truckloads of aid to Syria
Taking action to help Syrian people, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Arab Convoy have taken 12 truckloads of aid to Syria.
Middle East, Syria 20.03.2013

 In cooperation with civil society organizations coming from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt and Jordan, IHH has taken 12 truckloads of aid to Syria which has been suffering from violence for more than two years.

Organizing donation campaigns for Syria in Turkey and across the world, IHH has taken emergency relief items to the oppressed people of Syria with the support of six Arab countries.

The organization of Arab Convoy to take relief to Syria was announced at a news conference at the IHH headquarters last week. (related news)

First 12 trucks of the “Pulse of Life” convoy, which has a budget of 5 million dollars, entered Syria from Kilis province in southeastern Turkey on Friday.

Following a press statement at Kilis Öncüpınar Border Gate, 125 tons of flour, 2,275 food packages, 3,000 blankets and 500 mattresses were transferred to trucks coming from Syria at the customs area.

Speaking at the news conference, IHH Kilis Coordinator Center Director Erhan Yemelek said: “Our goal is to put a loaf of bread in the tables of our Syrian sisters and brothers, to share their pain and show them that they are not alone in the wake of tyranny.”

“The problem in Syria is not only the problem of Syrians but all the Muslims in the world. We should have a humanitarian look at this issue. This convoy shows that Muslims of the world are at the side of Syrian sisters and brothers,” he added.

The aid items which were transferred to trucks coming from Syria will be delivered to Syrians in Aleppo and its villages.

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