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Arakanese Muslims continue to flee home
Pressure imposed on Muslims in Myanmar’s Arakan region continues. Muslims try to take refuge in Bangladesh by crossing the Naf River located between Arakan and Bangladesh. Although it is very dangerou
Arakan, SouthAsia 31.07.2012

Acts of violence which erupted in Arakan in June still continue. While the attacks on Muslims have weakened in cities, Muslims in the rural parts of the region still face attacks. With the arrival of Ramadan, there has been an increase in the cases of torture and pressure against religious scholars and men of religion.

Only the people fleeing the region give information regarding what takes places in the region which is closed to international observers, humanitarian relief organizations and press members by the Myanmar government.

Since Muslims are not allowed to use mobile phones in Arakan, it is not possible for them to share information or photos from the region with the public.

Journey of death in Naf River

Many people who aim to reach the refugee camps in Bangladesh by crossing the Naf River lose their lives during this difficult journey.

Monsoons continue incessantly

Those who manage to make it to the camps face a challenging life there. The Monsoon rains which have begun recently make the difficult circumstances in the camps even more difficult. There are serious problems concerning food supply, accommodation and healthcare services in the camps.

There is shortage of clean water

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which has been carrying out relief efforts in the region for 14 years, sent emergency aid teams to the refugee camps and border regions and launched relief campaigns following the outbreak of the incidents. Distributing 240 tons of rice in the refugee camps, IHH teams also help Arakanese Muslims who try to cross the border on boats reach refugee camps. Constantly making inspections in the camps to determine the necessary relief items, IHH continues its relief efforts incessantly. The Monsoon rains have turned the camps into a pool of mud as there is no infrastructure in the camps. This situation leads to serious problems in the region such as shortage of clean water. IHH which has launched projects to dig water wells in refugee camps which experience water shortage, opened water wells in the past years to meet the needs of the camps residents. 

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