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Assad protested in Istanbul
The Platform for Solidarity with Syrian People condemned Assad administration in a protest in the courtyard of Fatih Mosque, Istanbul. An effigy of Assad was set ablaze and funeral prayers were perfor

The Platform for Solidarity with Syrian People organized the largest ever protest in Turkey against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, who is responsible for the death of hundreds of Syrians. Hundreds of protesters, including Syrian citizens living in Turkey, gathered at the courtyard of Fatih Mosque following Friday prayers and protested Assad administration for its indiscriminate killings. Protesters set fire to the effigy of Bashar al-Assad and performed funeral prayers in absentia for those who were killed in clashes with government forces. The group that included many children carried a large banner reading “Peoples of Syria and Turkey demand resignation not lies” and chanted slogans against Assad regime. They held banners reading “Does a Doctor Kill People?” “Bashar’s Reform Massacre” and chanted slogans such as “Syrian People are not Alone,” and “Killer Assad will be held Accountable.” Several Kuwaiti members of the parliament also supported the protest rally.          


An effigy of Bashar al-Assad hung on the mosque’s wall during protest was carried over hands and laid in front of the cortege. Syrian citizen youngsters then set the effigy on fire. Some of the protesters trampled on the effigy. Speaking on behalf of the Platform for Solidarity with Syrian People, Kazım Sağlam said Assad and his officers have been indiscriminately killing hundreds of the elderly, children, men and women. Sağlam urged Muslim nations to support the uprising in Syria until Assad has resigned. “The government of Turkish Republic should revise relations with Syria and withdraw its ambassador.”    

“If Bashar refuses to end repressive policies, international intervention should be considered. However, Muslim nations should intervene. We do not want imperialists to invade the country. We want to remove the despot Syrian leader on our own.”


“Act wisely, do not be like Gaddafi. Do not do what Ben Ali did. If you are wise enough, act the way Mubarak did. Otherwise, you will have no place to seek refuge in. You cannot stand against the rising popular waves. Oppressors will come down one day. Prosperity does not come through oppression.” 


Kuwaiti MP Walid al-Tabani, in Turkey to support Syrian protesters, delivered a speech and said the people of Kuwait supported brave Syrian men and women. We are sending prayers to Syria from Istanbul, Tabani said an added “The Syrian people will triumph in this uprising.” Journalist Adem Özkese, who recently arrived from Syria, said the Syrian youth have tested freedom and their morale is high. The youths will carry on the fight even at the cost of martyrdom, Özkese added. 

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