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Besieged Aleppo and Idlib delivered food aid
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is carrying on relief efforts in Syria, where clashes are escalating. IHH, which has distributed 370 tons of food items in the Syrian cities of Hama, Homs, Latakia,
Syria 11.08.2012

IHH has been standing by the Syrian people since the uprising broke out last March in the city of Deraa and spread to the entire country. It will be carrying on aid distributions in the country throughout Ramadan.   

As forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad continue to strike Aleppo from air and ground, city residents need food supplies the most. People in the city that has been bombarded for two weeks asked for help. To help the Aleppine residents under bombardment IHH dispatched food supplies to Aleppo and Idlib. 

The foundation prepared food packages in its warehouse in the city of Hatay with funds from charitable citizens of Turkey. The 40-ton packages containing rice, macaroni, cooking oil, halvah, tea, jam and pulses were shipped to Syria.      


Osman Atalay, IHH executive board member who is in Syria to organize relief activities, stated that IHH had delivered 370 tons of food supplies inside Syria since the first day of Ramadan and added 28 tons of food items had been sent to Aleppo and another 12 tons to Idlib over the last two days. Out of the 410 tons of food supplies 330 tons consisted of pulses, 70 tons of flour, and 10 tons of canned food, Atalay said, adding that supplies of medicine, hygiene kits, and clothing had also been delivered. Other materials delivered to the country included 2000 sleeping bags and 40 generators, Atalay said. “We have been meeting needs of refugees in the cities of Hatay and Gaziantep for the past 15 months and now we have stepped up aid deliveries inside Syria. Because people inside Syria are going through a difficult situation. They cannot even get bread for iftar and suhoor.”

Atalay noted that there is an urgent need for food and medicine in the cities of Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Latakia and Idblib, and people in these cities are asking for help. “We cannot remain indifferent to calls for help. We thank all our donors for contributing to aid shipments to Syria.”


The aid shipments by IHH to Aleppo and Idlib included flour supplies to bakeries. Local bakeries delivered flour make bread and distribute it to residents free of charge. With the latest aid deliveries the Syrians who have been suffering under the bombardment and cannot get anything to eat at iftar and suhoor will be relieved to some extent.

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