IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
Cash assistance from IHH to the wounded Palestinians
IHH provided 100 Palestinians who have been injured in Israeli attacks, 200 dollars cash assistance, totalling 20,000 dollars.
Palestine, Palestine - Gaza 20.08.2014

Over a month of Israel's air, sea and land strikes on Gaza, Turkey continues to provide aid.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is the only aid agency that has an office in Gaza; they provided 100 Palestinians who have been injured in Israeli attacks with 200 dollars cash assistance.

Although it is not much, the team wanted to give some moral support to the wounded in this way.


Within the framework of 2014 Ramadan work in Gaza, IHH teams provided 7000 families with aid, since the start of Israel’s attacks they delivered medication worth 750,000 TL, one million TL of Fitr and Zakat, and also distributed food and hot meals worth 650,000 TL.


Organised by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation you can make donations for the “Be Remedy For Gaza” aid campaign through the foundations bank accounts and online through online.ihh.org.tr.

In addition, you can make a 5 TL donation with your mobile phones by writing "GAZZE ILAC" and sending and SMS to 3072. (in Turkey)

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