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Charity Sale for the Patanese Orphans
Anatolia Humanitarian Aid Association (AYDER), organised a charity sale for the benefit of an orphanage in Patani, Thailand. The charity sale will remain open until May 14.
Patani 27.04.2011

AYDER, who takes care of more than a thousand of orphans in various countries in the world, has laid the foundation of a new orphanage in Patani. The construction of the orphanage, which will shelter and educate a hundred orphans, will be completed in a short time. AYDER continues to work for the completion of the orphanage. For this purpose, a charity sale in Konya was organized by volunteers who want to support the orphanage. The president of AYDER, Hidayet Yılmaz, made the opening speech of the charity sale in the former Telecom building Kayalı Park.Yılmaz said: “As AYDER, we sponsor more than a thousand orphans in Konya and in the world. Actually, this number is not sufficient for a city the size of Konya. Our goal is to increase the number of orphans whom we regularly support. We provide for the needs of our orphans, such as education, food, shelter, health care, clothing and stationery. Konya AYDER, under the leadership of IHH, laid the foundation of Konya AYDER Orphanage in Patani to shelter and educate orphans. We believe that with the support and contributions of our people we will open this orphanage as soon as possible.”

Hidayet Yılmaz emphasised that the charity sale was organised by charitable families and the income of the sale will be used for the orphans and needy people, by adding that “Our sale will be open until May 14. Dowry goods, home textiles, glassware, men's and women's shoes, cake varieties, varieties of soup, pastry products, and hot and cold drinks are offered in our sale. We know that the benevolent people of Konya will not leave us alone, and we hope that the sale would be beneficial.”

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