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“Chechen Murders Should be Investigated Again”
The president of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Bülent Yıldırım said “Chechen murders must be investigated again. The person who shot the late Medet Ünlü is seen on the camera, his identity is determined, his location is identified. This person lives around Kağıthane town of Istanbul but yet he is not arrested.”
Turkey 20.01.2014

The president of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Bülent Yıldırım was the guest of The Communication Meetings organized by The Communication Platform.

The program taking place in the Istanbul’s Topkapı Social Facilities started with the opening speech of the president of the Communication Platform Yusuf Ziya Çataklı. Pointing out that IHH was established in 1990s during the Bosnian genocide, Çataklı mentioned that afterwards IHH has become a humanitarian relief foundation that has been transferring humanitarian relief to various parts of the world which are victimized. Çataklı thanked to Bülent Yıldırım for the activities of IHH.

IHH and humanitarian diplomacy

Giving a speech with the title of “IHH and Humanitarian Diplomacy”, Bülent Yıldırım made important statements related to the establishment process of IHH.

Pointing out that IHH was founded as Germany centered organization in order to help Bosnians in the war that was carried out in Bosnia Herzegovina; Yıldırım said that at that time vast majority of the people in Turkey didn't know about the existence of Muslim Bosnians.

Mentioning that “Because the perception of this state was that ‘There are neither Muslims nor Turks out of the borders of National Pack’”, Yıldırım said the borders of National Pact were “iron curtains”.

Indicating that at the very early time of IHH, transferring humanitarian relief to abroad was forbidden, Yıldırım said, “We thought we had values beyond the borders of National Pact, then we had to reach these places.” I was 23 years old, I sat down and made a plan. I said “We have to reach the information we need by this planning”. British intelligence and the British people know about the disputes among Muslim tribes in the most remote areas of Africa, they know their language, they know their characteristics, they play off against them whenever they want. They sweep away the underground resources of Africa. Unfortunately in the following 10 years we may see Muslim-Christian conflicts in Africa intensely.

“Only IHH and the Red Cross carry out humanitarian diplomacy in the world”

Mentioning that just IHH and the Red Cross carry out the humanitarian diplomacy in the world, Yıldırım pointed out that “We have invented the concept of humanitarian diplomacy in the literature”.

Yıldırım suggested, the perception of the dominant power secure the justice is wrong, he advised for those who want to know what happens in the prisons of Syria to read a book telling of the perception of a young man by the regime powers as a member of “Muslim Brothers” before the war.

¨ Retrials definitely should be done¨

By pointing out his observations regarding to whether the requirements of the frame agreement made between Philippines government and Mindanao are being fulfilled or not, on the other hand Yıldırım remarked that “We support the negotiations between Taliban and Pakistan. The USA that was following the negotiations came with its drone aircrafts and hit the person and the group who seek peace.

Upon the question of a participant as “Personally would you give your blessing to Fethullah Gülen by support of whom recently the smear campaign carried out under the operation of “bribery”, how is your relation with Prime Minister Erdoğan?”, Yıldırım indicated they have never been under the command of any political power in any of the activities they have done until that time.

Indicating that they have an old friendship with the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Yıldırım said “I have been against all the attacks towards the Prime Minister. Because friendship is quite another story. He is the only politician who had attended to the funeral of my father.”

Claiming that a group of people having a definite type of understanding in the police department don’t investigate crimes, they constitute crimes and they do this in all periods, Yıldırım said, “They constitute crimes, they lay plots, they get involved among good people, they put weapons in the pockets of people by deceiving some other people, then they arrest these people and keep them in prison for 20 years. Retrials definitely should be done and these people must be set free”.

Mavi Marmara is the symbol of freedom

By fielding other part of the question “Blessing someone or not are all about agitations”, Yıldırım continued his speech as, “the subject of giving blessings or not is personal. I don't waste my time thinking about what happened. I spend my time acting against the deed done with a bad intention. That is if someone slaps me on one cheek, I don't turn my other cheek towards him. Now, they don't attack IHH, we don't understand this. They don't attack Tayyip Erdoğan, either. They don't attack Turkish Government. They attack Islamic geography together with their collaborators. This is called
‘the 4th World War’”.

They think that “Let's ravage and manipulate people with our men inside.” They can do whatever they want. Mavi Marmara goes on the ground, it deciphers people, we can see who is behind whom. Mavi Marmara is the symbol of freedom, it struggled in the high seas for a while, it alarmed the world. The world has changed dramatically with Mavi Marmara. There is no way back. It is said that the assassination team sent for us are the men of Kadyrov. In the back of this there are Jews from the particular county. This is a project of Israel.”

“Chechen murder cases must be investigated again”

Claiming that Chechen homicide committed in Turkey were covered up, Bülent Yıldırım said “Esteemed Prime Minister should organize a team and investigate the Chechen murders again”.

Pointing out that there are no murders remaining unsolved in Turkey anymore other than Chechen murders, Yıldırım said “All people know who did it. There will emerge other dirty works. We will see that hopefully when the time comes. These Chechen murders must be investigated again”.

“The person who shot the late Medet Ünlü is seen on the camera, his identity is determined, his location is identified. This person lives around Kağıthane town of Istanbul but yet he is not arrested. How is that possible, who is protecting him, is he protected upon what kind of deals?”

Saying that there is a dirty hand behind, Yıldırım made evaluations as “Now the same team has come for me. As long as this dirty hand is not investigated, this team will come for many people.”

Saying that no structure, sect and organization must be powerful in the governance, including IHH because if one group grows stronger in a place, it try to find ways to lay plots against the other.

Who brought the telephone to Dzhokhar Dudaev?

The president of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Bülent Yıldırım talked about the rumors that he transported the telephone which Necmettin Erbakan had given to Dzhokhar Dudaev and that then afterwards Dudaev was killed while speaking on this phone and he was held responsible for this killing. Mentioning that they didn't give a telephone to the late Dudaev, Yıldırım said “This is an aspersion that has been casted upon us and late Necbettin Erbakan for years. Second of all, transporting of a telephone is not a crime at all.

For example, you had given this telephone to me taking from somewhere than they located me via this telephone and they killed me. Can you be guilty because of this? A foundation which is inactive now had delivered this telephone to Dudaev, it delivered two telephones in fact. Receipts of both telephones are still in their hands. And when Dudaev was killed, the telephone he was speaking on was the one the foundation had given to him. I said to the representative of that foundation that “Would you please reveal this? Then he had said me ok. Now, I asked a journalist to do an interview with this person. Because I have been waiting them to explain the situation for years. The late Mr. Erbakan already had no relation to the event at all. They cast aspersions upon him. There was a telephone that IHH had given to the late Maskhadov. That is, two telephones had been brought to the late Dudaev and they are the telephones brought by another foundation. Their receipts are still in the hands of representatives of this foundation.”

“We stirred up a hornet's nest”

Making evaluations related to the process of Mavi Marmara lawsuit, Yıldırım said “We did something. We stirred up a hornet's nest. We made a list of the Jews from Turkey who did military service in Israel. If there are 36 countries in that ship (Mavi Marmara), Jews who know the language of 36 countries boarded that ship. Naturally Turkish boarded on the ship, also.”

“We argue that ‘Won't those who killed our people be judged, that is if a jewish person kills us in Turkey, won't he be judged? They killed us on that ship, isn't that ship ours? We want the responsible people to be determined and judged. This was a big event. They even wrote a letter to the president. Because some of these people are the sons of those rich families. Why do they go there to do military service? When you o there you are not boarding on Mavi Marmara, but you are killing a Palestinian child. Is it licit to kill a Palestinian child?”

At the end of the program, the president of Communication Platform Yusuf Ziya Çataklı gave a thank you plaque to Bülent Yıldırım.

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