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Construction of briquette houses is continuing
2.816 houses have been constructed as part of IHH’s briquette house project in Syria with the slogan “provide Shelter for the Oppressed.”
Syria 27.04.2020

The construction of 2.816 houses has been completed as part of the project launched by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation to build 15.000 24m2 briquette houses in a 1+1 concept in Syria, with the slogan “Provide Shelter for the Oppressed.”  

“90.000 Civilians will benefit from the project”

In his statement, IHH Vice President Erhan Yemelek said, “We are constructing briquette houses in the rural areas of Idlib and Aleppo, Syria. The total number of constructed houses has reached 2.816. We settle families into the houses as soon as they are completed. Currently, our operations are continuing on 36 different plots of land. Our foundation’s first phase goal is to complete 15.000 briquette houses in the shortest possible time and handing these over to families victimized by the war.”

Explaining their wish to increase the number of briquette houses to facilitate more victims of war, Yemelek said, “Our donors have shown a great deal of interest in this project. We are working hard on the site. We aim to increase the number of houses to give shelter to even more civilians. By the time our 15.000 house target is completed, almost 90.000 civilians will benefit from this project.” Yemelek added that necessities including sponge mattresses, pillows, double size blankets, cloth wardrobes, thermos flasks, torches, and kitchen equipment are also provided in each house.



To donate

Donors who want to contribute to settling families into these houses via IHH can donate 5 TL by sending an SMS texting SURIYE to 3072. Those who want to donate larger amounts to support families and victims of the Syrian war can do so via IHH’s website or bank accounts stating the code “Yaşam Evi Malzemeleri.”

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