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Davutoglu: Israel’s Flotilla Raid Is Our 9/11
Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs compared Israel’s storm of aid flotilla to 9-11 at the executive meeting of The Organization of The Islamic Conference.
Palestine, MiddleEast, Turkey 06.06.2010

Ahmet Davutoglu gave a  speech at the Executive Board meeting of OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) in Jeddah, following the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla. Davutoglu likened the attack to 9/11.

Davutoglu stated that Israel’s raid of the aid flotilla to Gaza is the 9/11 of Turkey and it will deeply affect the local and global public opinion and “it means that nothing will ever be the same again”.

Davutoglu began his speech by saying “On behalf of the Turkish government, I would like to express Turkey’s sincere thanks and appreciation to the member countries of the OIC for their solidarity and support, following the barbaric attack by Israel targeting ships delivering aid to Palestinian people in Gaza.” He, then, stated that the international aid flotilla consisted of unarmed civilians from 32 countries and was carrying humanitarian aid.

Davutoglu also mentioned that the only aim of this international humanitarian mission was to deliver much needed aid to the people of Gaza who have been under an inhumane siege for over 4 years thanks to Israel. "Israeli defense units attacked the ships in international waters 72 miles off the coast. The ships were carrying food and medicine. Nine Turkish citizens died and many others were wounded, Republic of Turkey’s citizens have been killed by the soldiers of another country first time in the its history," he said.

"Israeli commandos came on board the ships without permission and ships were taken to Ashdod Port. Passengers were detained. Israel's act involves several crimes, including piracy, murder and kidnapping. It is state terrorism, a completely unacceptable terrorist act of committed by a state, " Davutoglu said.

Foreign Affairs Minister of Turkey stated that his government severely condemns the horrid attack and they determined to take all the necessary legal actions on both national and international levels to hold Israel accountable for its terrible crime and not to let it go without punishment.

Ahmet Davutoglu said “This single event is a turning point in history. This is our 9/11, which will deeply affect both our local and international stance and view; nothing will ever be the same again.”

“We cannot remain silent towards the injustice against human dignity and such clear violation of human rights,” he said, adding that no state policy is higher than the international laws and that the illegal and unacceptable attitude of Israeli state should be taken into account.”

Davutoglu went on to say that “the unjust embargo on Gaza cannot be sustained and reckless policies of Israel that enforce this embargo are a threat to peace and stability in the region” and invited the member states of OIC to exert pressure on the international community to reach an immediate solution about the Arab-Israeli conflict and to lift the embargo that is imposed on the people of Gaza.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that they are “not surprised” by, Greek Cyprus government’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Markos Kipriyanu’s visit to Israel  in the aftermath of the murderous attack on the aid flotilla, in response to a question asked by a journalist during a press conference, held together with Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary General of OIC at the end of the executive meeting.

Davutoglu also said “They already had refused to let the aid flotilla into their harbors. We are not surprised by this visit, as a matter of fact, they have imposed an embargo on the Turkish Cypriot region. They have a lot in common regarding this matter. However, what do we want in the East Mediterranean? We want peace. We do not want any blockades, isolation, embargo, military or otherwise tension in the region. I am unaware of any other details regarding Kipriyanu’s visit to Israel.”

Davutoglu, in response to a question regarding Turkey’s next proposed step, emphasized that they will be pursuing this matter, until satisfactory measures are taken and they will not let go of the issue.

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