IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
Educators send aid to Gaza
A group of members from Eğitim Bir-Sen Branch Number 2 handed over the money they raised to the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation to be sent to Gaza. Branch chairman Yavuz Padem handed 8,000 new Turk
Palestine, Middle East, Turkey 30.12.2008

A group of educators joined Gaza aid campaign to ease the suffering of the Palestinians under the Israeli bombardment.

Chairman of Eğitim Bir-Sen Branch Number 2 Yavuz Padem, Chairman of the Branch Number 1 Emrullah Aydın, Chairman of the Branch Number 4 Ali Yalçın and a number of members paid a visit to the IHH.

Padem handed YTL 8,000 they had collected from their members to IHH President Yıldırım.

"As a union we are participating in protest marches to express our support to Palestine on one hand and are raising money to help meet needs of our brothers and sisters in Gaza on the other hand. Palestine is experiencing a hard time. The Palestinians need our help," Padem said.

Yıldırım thanked union members over their contributions.

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