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Emergency Aid for 16.000 Lebanese
As a part of the Emergency Aid Campaign launched in Beirut, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed hot meals, food packets and hygiene packets to 16.000 Lebanese people.
Lubnan, MiddleEast 18.08.2020

Due to the explosion that occurred in Beirut, Lebanon on 4 August 2020, life in the city almost came to a standstill. A fire initially broke out in warehouse no 12 of the Beirut Port; then an explosion occurred, shaking the entire city. It was claimed that 2.750 tones of ammonium nitrate stored in the port for six years was the cause of the explosion. At least 179 people died and 6.000 people were injured and many people were reported missing. The hospitals were inundated with people injured from the blast. It is anticipated that a food crisis will be inevitable in the coming days in Lebanon. The state’s grain stores that constituted the country’s main food source were located at the port, but they were destroyed in the blast. There is concern that if a sufficient quantity of flour is not delivered to the country in a short time the humanitarian crisis will increase.

IHH that mobilized immediately after news of the explosion was released is continuing its aid operations in Lebanon. Initially IHH, that launched its operations in the region since the first day of the explosion, formed a search rescue team to transport the injured to hospitals. At the same time, IHH also participated in its rescuing the dead and injured from under the debris. Then IHH conducted operations with heavy machinery to clean up the debris. IHH also delivered hot meals, food and hygiene packets to the victims of the blast. To date, 16.000 people in Beirut have benefitted from this aid. IHH teams visited families whose homes were destroyed or damaged in the explosion and launched efforts for the reconstruction of the homes.


In the coming days, IHH will be carrying out these efforts in the region:

-Operations to repair damaged homes

-Continuing the distribution of hygiene packets

-Delivery of first aid and emergency treatment kits to healthcare workers

- Delivery of medication aid to healthcare centers

-Continuing the distribution of hot meals and food packets

-A container of glass will be sent from Turkey to Lebanon for initial home repairs

-Two trucks of flour has departed from Hatay en route Beirut



Our aid will continue

Donors who wish to contribute to helping the people of Lebanon via IHH can donate 5 TL by sending an SMS texting ACIL to 3072. Those who wish to donate larger amounts can donate via the IHH website or bank accounts stating the code LUBNAN.

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