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    Enormous help from Bursa to Syria and Gaza
    Under the leadership of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Bursa civil society organizations did not forget the needy in Syria and Palestine. 18 trucks from Bursa were sent to Syria with 450 tonnes of food and 500 thousand liras were sent to Palestine.
    Palestine - Gaza, Turkey 24.07.2014

    With the leadership of IHH, many municipalities and civil society organizations from Bursa attended the aid campaign.

    The 18 trucks consisting of 450 tons of food that went to Syria and the 500 thousand TLs that was sent to Palestine was sent with the aid of IHH Deputy Chairman Hüseyin Oruç. The trucks that were gathered at Buttim Square was sent off with prayers with the attendance of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality President Recep Altepe, AK Party Bursa Provincial President Cemalettin Torun, Yıldırım Municipality President İsmail Hakkı Edebali, IHH Deputy Chairman Hüseyin Oruç and civil society organization representatives.

    Speaking at the farewell ceremony, IHH Deputy Chairman Hüseyin Oruç, stated that in Turkey we live in peace and great blessings and also said, "The most important thing we need to do; when watching murdered women and children live at our homes, is to adopt them as our own children without any limits and without separating them from their own soil. It is our duty to accept Palestine, Syria and Pakistan as our homeland."

    Oruç expressed that, they work in 140 regions, he underlined that 46 of them are in conflict and also stated that Bursa is always prominent in the work performed.

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