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Flotilla organizers invite everyone to the walk
The organizers of the Mavi Marmara ship and Freedom Flotilla met in front of the ship Mavi Marmara in Sarayburnu to invite everyone to the walk from Sultanahmet to Sarayburnu on the 4th anniversary of the attack on Mavi Marmara on the 31st of May.
Palestine, Turkey 30.05.2014

A press conference was held where the Mavi Marmara ship is anchored in Sarayburnu on the 4th year of the attack.

Besides IHH board members and Mavi Marmara Flotilla ship organizers, activists from the United States, Yemen, Syria and Malaysia joined them on the press conference.

Speaking at the meeting Bulent Yildirim noted that thanks to the decision Israel has encountered concepts such as an arrest warrant, trial and red notice, he said “You will see we have more surprises. We are going to get more results from this case, we will open new cases. Israel will come across new results in areas they do not think of. Currently we have proven Israel is a murderer. Now, Israel is entering into other areas. For that reason when Israel throws a bomb they will see that they will be under embargo."


Yıldırım expressed that, what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is the same thing that Hitler did to the Jews and he described this as a “silent genocide”.

Yıldırım President of IHH said:

“Netanyahu, equalized the Israeli starlet and Hitler’s crucifix and embarrassed the Jews too. Now we have made them taste an embargo. They are saying that the four senior officials that have been issued an arrest warrant have retired. They are not retired, in Israel no one will retire. These high-level officials after retiring from their duties began to take part in Mossad, and do consultations, the two of these officials have many assets in the UK”.


“We are getting ready to open new cases. Not only them, you will see that Netanyahu that gave the decision will face the same results in the upcoming days.”


Yıldırım also criticized some of the news that came out in the press about the judicial orders. “Some people immediately tied this judgment to the ‘Parallel’ attributes. This is unfair on the judges. The entire World has seen that there are justice judges in Turkey. Brave prosecutors and judges have given this order. There needs to be no power behind this order. Mavi Marmara’s right is an enough power."


IHH President Bulent Yıldırım invited everyone to the “Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque walk” which will take place tomorrow at 17:00 p.m. from Sultanahmet to Sarayburnu.


The activistst hat were on board duringtheattack on Mavi Marmara also joined the press conference.

The Ship to Gaza Sweden activist Dror Feller, despite coming from Sweden indicated that he was an Israeli Jew. Feller, expressed that what has been lived is not a religious matter and that the people that have died in the attack are not only Turkey’s martyrs.

Osama Qashoo the representative of the Free Gaza organization said that the court decision has calmed everyone down and also drew attention to how much of a great result a civil movement has gained.

Nikolas Bolos a Greek activist from the organization ship to Gaza noted that the court decision has relieved consciences and has invited everyone to the walk that will be held tomorrow.

Activists from the United States, Yemen, Syria and Malaysia attended the meeting as well.

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