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Food and Medicine Aid to Mosul
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered baby formula to 1070 families and food aid to 12000 people in Mosul.
Iraq 20.03.2017

The chaos ensued by American invasion continues in Iraq. Thousands of internally displaced people are struggling to survive in harsh conditions. While the law and order has collapsed the escalating sectarian violence ruined whatever amount of safety left.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation continues to reach out to the internally displaced people who are suffering in their own country. Especially lately families fleeing the skirmishes in the city centre have taken shelter in slums in the outskirts of the city or worse tent camps. Therefore IHH increased its aid and delivered baby formula to 1070 families and food aid to twelve thousand people in Mosul with the support of Qatar Charity Organization


Healthcare Aid to Ten Thousand Families

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Middle East Coordinator Emre Kaya said, "We are delivering aid in three categories to the civilians in Jerusalem neighbourhood in east Mosul. The aid includes basic food, medicine and baby formula.”

Kaya noted that following the delivery of food aid and baby formula they are going to provide medical supplies and equipment aid to health clinics in Mosul. "We have a medical aid project. We are helping some health clinics in this regard. We will identify the families who have difficulty to have access to medicine. We are planning to deliver healthcare to ten thousand families in conjunction with this project.”  


Mosul, Kirkuk, Suleymaniye and Erbil

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has previously delivered emergency aid to 5.250 families who fled the ongoing conflict in Mosul and took shelter in camps located in Kirkuk, Suleymaniye and Erbil.

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