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For the rights of Neighborhood
While the civil war in Syria is entering its 4th year, in the country 15 millions of refugee people 5 millions of whom are children have been struggling to survive, hungry, and miserable in the winter conditions reaching deadly points. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation starting a new aid campaign to help those needy refugees trying to live in more difficult conditions invites people of Turkey that is the neighbor country of Syria and all the world to support this campaign.
Palestine, Palestine - Gaza, Syria 08.01.2014

The increasing attacks towards civilians have been causing collective migration in the country. Syrian people leaving their homeland and taking refugee in neighboring cities and countries where life is more secure, face various difficulties in places where they have migrated. The number of infant deaths are increasing because of the cold winter conditions. People are losing their lives because of hunger.

Every favor done for neighbor Syrian people who took shelter in Turkey as they regard it as their neighbor is the requirement of neighborhood rights. It is a humanitarian and moral duty to stand by our neighbors who form our social environment after our families in their good and bad times. All kinds of humanitarian aid done before people die from hunger or cold save many lives.

Adopting the tradition of our Prophet (saw) ¨He who sleeps on a full stomach whilst his neighbor goes hungry is not one of us¨ as guide, we think that Syrian people need help of our people whom they know as their neighbors. For the humanitarian conscience and rights of neighborhood, in order not to be a mere spectator to this destruction which all the world is just watching and to be a remedy for Syrian people, we invite you to support our campaign.

How can you support the campaign:

- By cash directly to our foundation,
- By teledonation via the number +90 212 631 2121,
- By money order using the IHH's bank account numbers,
- By online donation on the website of IHH.

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