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France is destroying itself
Our public announcement about discriminatory practices and statements made against Muslims in France and some European countries recently.
Europe 24.10.2020

France is destroying itself!

In France and some other European countries, the ever-increasing racist politics have turned into an all-out struggle with Muslims. Recent discriminatory practices, statements and measures against Muslims are a gross provocation and disregard for the freedom of belief, law, and Muslims in particular.

Some politicians, who stir up the hatred instead of understanding the social outrage caused by the provocative caricatures published in a magazine, label Muslims’ various ways of self-expression as radicalism as a whole, and on the other hand they embrace the blasphemy against Islamic sacred values under the cover of the freedom of thought.

Despite the fact that many prudent politicians, press members, religious officials, civil society representatives and academics disapproved of the caricatures publication, many others try to cover up the hostility towards Islam by changing the subject based on the "freedom of thought" discourse. However, international conventions, especially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, have not left freedom of speech unattended.

While Muslims have come under pressure in some European countries, it is explicitly hypocritical to approach such attacks on Islam with the context of “freedom of thought and expression.” The latest law,announced by French President Emmanuel Macron against religious “separatism”, which include hate crimes and violate freedom of religion and conscience, must be vetoed duly by the French Supreme Courts and relevant EU mechanisms.

Politicians from other European countries who are considering to impose similar laws should abandon it by not submitting it to the legislatures. France, under Macron's rule, instigates all forms of oppression and discrimination against Muslims under the name of 'fighting terrorism and extremism.' The Islamic world and all conscientious individuals must give Emmanuel Macron the necessary respond it deserves.

In this context, all international organizations and umbrella organizations should respond by showing the necessary reaction. It is imperative that those who support the rights of Muslims express this reaction out loud. Such a response, which will be given to all people and institutions that endorse Macron and his anti-Islamic policy, will serve as a reflection of common sense and global sensitivity. The rights of all people, not just Muslims, should be protected all over the world.

In conclusion, as Turkish Muslims who constitute a significant part of the Islamic world, we call on this hatred ensemble to renounce their provocative politics and legal arrangements that prevent Muslims from observing their religions freely, and NGOs from operating their activities legally.

We call on the common sensed people of Europe to show their solidarity with Muslims in this process and not to incite social hatred by abusing religious sacredness.


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