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Funerals For Martyrs Held In Their Home Towns
Funerals were held for the 8 martyrs of the Freedom Flotilla, which embarked on its journey to break the inhumane embargo on Gaza, in their home towns. IHH’s communications director Cevdet Kiliclar’s
Palestine, Middle East, Turkey 05.06.2010

In Istanbul, a funeral was held for IHH’s 38-year-old website coordinator Cevdet Kiliclar, one of those who lost their lives during the Israeli attack on Gaza-bound aid ships.

Funeral prayer was offered by the crowd in Beyazit Mosque, following the Friday prayers.

Following the prayers, names of those who lost their lives on Mavi Marmara were cited one by one and the crowd replied “Present” after each.

Banners were hung around the funeral area, referring to his high morals and altruism.

Bulent Yildirim, President of IHH, in his speech at the funeral, noting that there were people of all religions including Muslims, Christians and Jews, onboard the flotilla to Gaza, said that all those people came together to stand for justice.

Yildirim also said that there was no grief on the faces of those martyred during the attack, added “They are martyrs. May God help us live up to their ideals.”

Cuneyt Sagyasar, a good friend of Cevdet Kiliclar, noted that the aim of the ships was to serve humanitarian values and was subjected to a pirate attack by Israel. 

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