IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
Gaza Freedom Flotilla
IHH-The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief, achieved to break siege on Gaza with an overland convoy and is now preparing to break it via sea route. The Flotilla will be co
Palestine, Middle East, Turkey 18.02.2010

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IHH, The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief, successfully organized the “Set out for Palestine” aid convoy in January of this year to break the embargo, and is now preparing for another convoy by sea. Several organizations from the United Kingdom, United States, Greece, France, Italy, Germany, Malaysia and Venezuela will take part in the flotilla. Hundreds of aid workers will carry thousands of tons of relief supplies as well as construction materials that are urgently needed in the territory on a number of ships, some of which are due to set off from Europe. The construction materials will be used to rebuild Gaza’s dilapidated civil infrastructure and facilities, which were devastated by Israel, as well as homes for thousands of Palestinian families. The passenger ships will be carrying representatives of nongovernmental organizations, journalists and activists. 

The ships will set off on 20th April from Istanbul and head for Gaza through the Mediterranean. There are no international legal restrictions against ships’ sailing for Gaza. 

IHH President Bülent Yıldırım said they were planning to set off with 10 ships. He noted that IHH intends to participate with five in the flotilla. “We are holding talks for the purchase of three ships in Greece and several other countries. Whoever would like to take part in this camapign is most welcome” he said. 

Yıldırım drew attention to the Gaza embargo that had been in effect since 2006 and added “Israel is keeping the people of Gazan under embargo. The last door of the people opening to the outer world was closed when Egypt shut down Rafah Border Crossing. People are living on limited amount of goods carried through tunnels. Their contact with the entire world is cut off. They are facing an illegal and inhumane embargo. We as NGOs are taking a civilian initiative. We want an end to this embargo. Our 2009 convoy achieved to break the embargo and brought the situation to the attention of the international community. This time we are going to break the embargo by sea. Allah willing world countries will take an action after this initiative”.

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