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The orphans of Gaza sent greetings
A Palestinian orphan named Huda Galia who is looked after by IHH thanked benevolent people of Turkey, saying “Turkish families are looking after 10,000 orphans here in Gaza. We thank and pray for them
Palestine, MiddleEast 09.02.2010

IHH-The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief is taking care of 15,555 orphan children worldwide through its “Sponsor Family Scheme” focusing on the countries and regions hit by wars, natural disasters and poverty. IHH is thankful to the support of benevolent people. The Foundation has increased the number of sponsorship that was 5,375 in 2008 to 15,555 in 2009 and the number of countries from 14 to 25. Whoever, individual or family or a group, would like to sponsor an orphan can do it by donating 70 Turkish liras a month. 

Huda Galia conveyed her regards and thanks to the people of Turkey expressing herself withher won words “Turkish families are looking after 10,000 orphans here in Gaza. We thank and pray for them for their help.” 

The parents and siblings of Huda while they were on a picnic on Gaza beach were shot dead by Israel during last year attack on Gaza. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was particularly moved by Galia’s lament. He slashed Israeli President Shimon Peres at Davos Summit, saying “I know how you killed children on beaches.”  

Galia said she wholeheartedly desired to meet Erdoğan and added “I would like thank him for whatever he has done for Gaza feeling the sufferings of the people of Gazan due to embargo. I will tell him ‘Compassionate father of orphan children! I brought you the greetings of the children Gaza. We look forward seeing you in Gaza.’” 

Galia and her sister that survived the Israeli attack are living with their relatives. 

Erdoğan is really loved by Palestinian people, Galia said and added “We learn about Erdoğan on al-Jazeera television. His popularity increased in the region particularly after One Minute event. You can see One Minute pictures of Erdoğan in many parts of Palestine.” 

Galia, 16, is a high-school student and wants to become a doctor. Asked “Why do not you come to Turkey?” she replied “I want to go to Turkey very much. I was supposed to go to Istanbul in order to participate in “IV. International Get Together Meeting” along with some of orphans from Gaza, but we could not Gaza because of embargo. Israel and Egypt do not allow us to leave the region. Allah willing I will go to Turkey if embargo is ended.”  

Lamentation of Galia Huda, whose family was killed in Israeli shooting in 2006, was heartbreaking.

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