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Second convoy of IHH aid reaches Gaza
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed food packages to 500 families in the Gaza Strip, where air and land attacks make aid delivery extremely difficult.
Palestine, MiddleEast 07.01.2009

The IHH is continuing extending donations of Turkish people to Gazan people through Rafah border crossing despite hardships.

Food packages and blankets were distributed to 500 families in Gaza.

The Gazan residents whose homes were destroyed in the strikes said "We are glad that there are Muslims who are concerned about our situation. We will overcome the embargo and occupation with honorable resistance. Thanks to the benevolent people of Turkey for their help."

Osman Atalay, member of the IHH executive board, said "The problems with Rafah border crossing slow down our aid delivery to Gaza. However, we still manage to get aid through the border gate, because Egypt opens the border several times a day. We rush aid materials to the people of Gaza whenever the border opens. However, Gazan residents need more aid. Rafah border crossing should be totally opened to meet needs of Gaza.

"The people of Gaza are trying to protect themselves from Israeli attacks from air, land and sea as well as are striving to fight hunger, lack of water and diseases. There are hundreds of wounded people who are waiting to undergo medical treatment. They will likely die if Rafah border gate is not opened for their transfer to Egyptian hospitals."

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