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Gift to Burkina Faso from IHH
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation conducted the opening of the Healing Education Complex, which was constructed by IHH in Titao a region of Burkina Faso. IHH teams, local authorities and the local community attended the opening of the complex that has an orphanage for 60 people, a school with a capacity of 180 students, a dining hall and an administrative building.
BurkinaFaso 03.07.2014

Speaking at the opening of the complex IHH orphanage Officer Reşat Başer, conveyed the greetings of the charitable Turks to the locals of Burkina Fasolu. With the help of the locals of Titao, Başer stated that he believes that the Healing Education Complex will educate children that will construct the future of the country and he also indicated that the people of Turkey is supporting and next to their fellow Burkina Fasolu brothers. After the opening with the presences of prayers the IHH and local officials toured the complex.

IHH team also attended the openings of Prophet Muhammed Mustafa Quran Lovers Masjid in the Bama region, Osman Husme and İsmet Saraç Çubuk Masjid in the Gargabuwl region and in the Tibo region the Hafiz Hasibe Mosque. The local community showed great attention to the openings of the mosque and masjids that has been constructed by the charitable Turks. The Burkina Faso locals sent greetings and prayers to Turkey and greeted the IHH team by saying “From your home welcome to your home”.

In Burkina Faso, as well as the openings, there was some charity work such as IHH’s Ramadan Campaign. IHH organised an Iftar for 400 people in Nakamteng and distributed food packages to a total of 1,315 families in Paglayir, Gargabuwl, Titao, Zagtaul, Bisgi and Sabai regions.


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