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Cultural center for Nepal from İstanbul
The IHH team has inspected a cultural center in Nepal that has been building with the donations of charitable people in Göngören, İstanbul.
Nepal 07.04.2014

The IHH team consisting of the IHH officers and some charitable people visited four-storey cultural center that is under construction in Birgunj district of Nepal that is 5 km away from Indian border. The team checked over the building work on site.

The project that has been carried out by Islamic Sang Nepal, the IHH's regional partner organization in the region will involve some classes for women and children, conference and meeting halls, a library, a dining hall and a quest house.

The IHH officers announced that the name of the cultural center will be Güngören Cultural Center as it has been built with the contributions of charitable people in Güngören, Istanbul.

The IHH officers told that the foundations of the project were laid one and a half month ago and the project that has costed 130,000 Euros is planned to be finished in a year.

Afterwards, the team visited a primary school which is in the neighborhood of cultural center. Islamic Sang Nepal gave the IHH team some information about the school and the team distributed various presents to the students.

They learned that 125 students are studying in 5 classes in the school that is also under construction.

The IHH officers mentioned that they expect the cultural center that is very near to the school will meet an important need in the region.


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