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Halabja Massacre should not be forgotten
March 16 marks the 24th anniversary of Halabja Massacre which took place in 1988.
Iraq 16.03.2012

Halabja, located on the border of Iran-Iraq, witnessed a brutal massacre on 16 March 1988. At a time when Iran-Iraq war was continuing, at least 5,000 civilian Kurds were killed in Halabja, controlled by Iranian army, through the use of chemical and biological
weapons, 7,000 Kurds were injured. 

In the aerial strikes, conducted as part of the Enfal Operation, residents of Halabja were attacked by various chemical and biological
weapons. Following the massacre, journalists who managed to infiltrate to the city took photos of people who were killed while hiding near the walls, sitting in front of their houses and even baking bread. The bodies of the people were swollen. The world became aware of the massacre in Halabja thanks to these photos.

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