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The Convoy "Open Road to Aleppo" Has Reached the Border
With IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundations’ organization, the convoy “Open Road to Aleppo” has reached the Cilvegozu border gate with 5000 vehicles and over 1500 aid trucks.
Syria 17.12.2016

With IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundations’ organization, the convoy “Open Road to Aleppo” has reached the Cilvegozu border gate with 5000 vehicles and  over 1500 aid trucks.


There is a systematic massacre in Syria. Especially in the last period, the bombings of Assad

regime and Russian powers have increased significantly. There is no food in the city and

healthcare systems are down. Still, international community is standing idle.


IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is organized an aid convoy to Aleppo, to stop the

massacre and to open a corridor for humanitarian aid.


Within this scope, the volunteers and activists for Aleppo have reached Cilvegozu border gate, passing through Kocaeli, Sakarya, Düzce, Ankara, Konya, Adana and Hatay. Volunteers and activists come from all cities of Turkey.


Activists chanted: “take us to Aleppo!”


The participants of the convoy chanted: “Open road to Aleppo!,” “Killers, get out of Aleppo!,” “Shoulder to shoulder agains oppression.” “Brother Bulent, take us to Aleppo!”


Martyrs Remembered


At the beginning of the event, prayers made for the victims of the explosion in Kayseri. Syrian orphans went up to the stage and sang their songs with their Syria colored scarves. Presenting the event Fatih Yazici, head of Young IHH, said “By the will of Allah, they couldn’t succeed in Gezi Park, they couldn’t succeed in 15th of July and again they will not succeed.” He added that while they were on the road with the convoy, they visited the hero-commander of 15th of July Omer Halisdemir’s tomb and added further: “There is no difference between the struggle at 15th of July and what we are doing today.”


We are the true followers of Hussain(as)


The program begin with the recitation of Qur’an for the martyrs. Journalist Adem Ozkose went up to the stage and addressed the crowd: “You followed Allah’s call, and came to the last line of defense, welcome!” After thanking the people he stated:


People are being killed, across the fake borders which had drawn a hundred years ago. People of Aleppo is being massacred. My brothers and sisters, Istanbul is not only Istanbul, Anatolia means Sham (Damascus), means Aleppo. O people of Aleppo, we did not forget you.

Wallahi ( swear by God) we will not leave you even if the whole world leaves you.


My brothers and sisters, while our brothers and sisters are being tested in Aleppo, freezing in cold; if we’re sleeping in our warm beds, we need to question our faith. If, while our brothers cannot find bread to eat and we’re not sharing our food with them, we need to question our faith.


They are killing our brothers and saying “We are the followers of Imam al-Husain”. And I call our to them: You are not from the followers of al-Husain, you are the representatives of Yazidi’s!


He asked people to raise their hands administered and oath as following:


“We swear by Allah, by Quran, by our Prophet that we will not forget Aleppo. We will come back one day.


“I call out to you O Khamenei!”


Founder of the Islamic education organization IFAM, İhsan Senocak went up to the stage and called out to Khamenei:


O the valleys of Antakya, be witness, we will say Allah Al-Akbar until our last breath! There is no defeat on this road. Our victory will grow with our losses. O Aleppo, we will not be defeated, we will not surrender, and we will give what it takes!


My brothers and sisters, you will give what it takes. Van is here, Trabzon is here, Izmir, Ankara is here. And you are saying: We heard you o Allah! We came to help our brothers and sisters!


And you are saying: “O imperialists, we do not recognize the fake borders you have drown a hundred years ago! The Fatima’s who gave their earrings for the road are here! The children who said no to the toys and paid for the food are here!


Head of DKV(Da’wah and Brotherhood Foundation) Recep Songül: “Aleppo is not alone, Muslims will not leave their brothers and sisters alone, and will not. We will not stop with Aleppo. No power can stand in front of the Ummah, fighting with tooth and nail.”


“We stood for Gaza with Mavi Marmara, today we’re with Aleppo”


Thanks to Allah who brings us here to be with our brothers and sisters. Omer Karaoglu began his words with saying Allah Al-Akbar with the crowd.


We will bind up the wounds of our brothers from Aleppo. It is not in our interest to care about politics. We are doing what we can and we will do more. While they were bombing Gaza, we sailed with Mavi Marmara. We will go where the oppression takes place. Today we are here for Aleppo, tomorrow we will be there for Arakan (Rakhine) and other places.


What are we doing here?


Head of IHH, Bulent Yildirim stated:


May Allah make you people of Jannah, you never left us alone.  You said: We’ll die if necessary but we’ll not leave our brothers.


Some say, What are we doing here? I know. But do not forget this, beginning from wednesday, whole world’s agenda turned towards Aleppo. The world responses to your call. Turkey worked for the mediation. You stood up and came here and we thank you for that. But I invited whole Turkey and Islamic country to here.


There is no turning back!


There is no turning back until our brothers and sisters are free. I’m calling out to you my brothers and sisters: Every one of you will use the social media just as a reporter and you will invite everyone through you accounts. We took you to the journey for you to understand what it feels like. Now we will understand: What it means to have no bath, sleeping in cold. Our brothers and sisters in Syria lived like this for 6 years.


Now in Turkey people are collecting aid. Products bought from markets to bring them to Aleppo. I call out to all organizations with conscience: Help Aleppo! Because these conscienceless people have beaten captives of Aleppo, stole their goods.


We’ll stay here until the evacuation finishes and walk to border


Iran, violated the agreement. Negotiations going on. By the will of Allah the civilians will be moved to a safe area. You came here for our call, and we are working on humanitarian diplomacy. Now the agreements are being made and we are trying to mediate between. Sometimes we stuck. We will enter Aleppo if the evacuation fails. We’ll inform you about the situation inside. You came here, caring about human life. We will walk a bit after the meeting. Aleppo’s turn will come, but today we’ll walk to the border. If they violate the agreement the whole world will see what we’re going to do. We will not forget Besiktas, Kayseri or Aleppo. We’ll put what we have and walk everywhere! Now everyone raise your hands, we’re going to take an oath. Whole worlds needs to see this.


We will not go back until we save the people!


After Bulent Yildirim, Head of Memur-Sen was invited to the stage. “I salute the brothers and sisters here, who have heard the screams of children of Aleppo” and added:


“They think that they will make us kneel down. Who surrenders, to become like you! Before we die, the case is not over. We will not let these criminals who are out of humanity.  Aleppo is not an ordinary city. It is our mission to bring this call to the world, if Aleppo’s screams reaching to us, as they gave 7000 martyrs at Canakkale. We will not step back on the evacuation process. You being on the roads is the proof that humanity is still alive. And thanks to the people like you the road to Aleppo will be opened and humanity will not die. All Memur-Sen members are here from 81 provinces, i would like to thank IHH and other aid organizations for organizing this event.


Walking to the border with Takber’s (Allah Al-Akbar)


After the prayers on the stage, thousands walked to the Cilvegozu border gate and their aim is to stay there until the evacuation completed.

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