IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
Homeless Gazans given cash aid
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation donated €5,350,000 to he families of Palestinians who were killed or lost their homes in the latest Israeli offensive into Gaza.
Palestine, Middle East 03.02.2009

The people of Gaza are struggling to recover after suffering under the Israeli strikes for 22 days.


Nongovernmental organizations from Turkey are carrying out relief works in Gaza to ease the suffering.


Extending urgent humanitarian materials to Gaza soon after the Israeli attacks began, the IHH has given cash donations to the families of Palestinians who were killed and those who lost their homes in the attacks.


The IHH teams in Gaza delivered cash donation of €5,350,000 to the families affected in the Israeli operation.


The 2,000 families whose homes were destroyed completely were given €2,000 cash donation each and the 1,350 relatives of the Gazans who were killed were given €1,000 each.


IHH President Bülent Yıldırım said the IHH was distributing foodstuff to needy Palestinian families as well as giving the affected families cash donations. “The relief materials and cash aid provided by the IHH is of great importance to rebuild Gaza, where homes, workshops, hospitals and school were razed, animals and poultry were destroyed, orchards made useless, and supply of medication and construction materials was obstructed,” he added.

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