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Father cares for one orphan for each letter in late daughter’s name
Father of a late aid worker from the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has undertaken the care of seven orphans, a figure which is as many as the number of letters in her late daughter’s name, Hümeyr

Hümeyra Tozduman lost her life in a traffic accident during the Eid al-Fitr of last year. Saving her pocket money, Hümeyra was caring for an orphan as part of the IHH’s Sponsor Family Project.

For the memory of his daughter, Hümeyra’s father, Nihat has undertaken the care of seven orphans including the orphan Hümeyra used to care, each of which symbolizes a letter in her daughter’s name.

A member of the executive board of İHH İNİYAD, a partner to IHH, and Orphan Relief Coordinator Burak Kılınç explained the process leading up to the father’s decision to take care of seven orphans.

“Acts of benevolence which began in the aftermath of the deaths of IHH aid volunteer Hümeyra Tozkoparan and her mother during last Eid al-Fitr continue to snowball. Hümeyra was a sister who made significant contribution to the IHH’s orphan relief activities. Saving her pocket money along with a friend of her, she was taking care of an orphan. Shortly after Hümeyra’s funeral, her father paid a visit to our foundation and said he wants to take care of three orphans including the orphan cared by Hümeyra. So, we entrusted the care of three orphans to brother Nihat. Following a commemoration ceremony we held in November for Hümeyra with the hope that her life will be a model for other young people, brother Nihat visited us again and said: ‘My daughter, Hümeyra, used to talk very much about orphan relief activities and she was becoming very happy when she talked about this issue. Now, I can understand her better. She had a dream, which has not been fulfilled so far. Now, I want to realize her dream if possible. My daughter wanted to care for orphans in Gaza in particular. If possible, I want to care for one orphan for every letter in my daughter’s name and want at least one of these orphans to be from Gaza.’ Listening to Hümeyra’s father, we immediately got in touch with the IHH and told the foundation that we need the names of four orphans in Gaza to be cared for.  IHH sent us information about four orphans from Gaza and we entrusted the care of these orphans to brother Nihat. So, her father now cares for one orphan for every letter in Hümeyra’s name,” Kılınç said.

“May Allah give the opportunity to everyone to raise children who will devote their lives to benevolence and save us, the adults, from being taken hostage by worldly pleasures. May Allah reunite us for many other acts of benevolence. We want to see all charity givers of İnegöl with us, particularly for the orphan relief activities of the IHH. Let’s care for these holy trusts. As long as we fail to hold their hands, those children will continue to remain as orphans. Let’s extend our helping hands to at least one orphan so that those children will not remain as orphans,” added Kılınç. 

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