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If you dont see us as humans, see us as animals..
As Syria is going through a dramatic crisis with the current Asad Regime, This was the outcry of a female living in the village of Bayt Sahim in Sham, which is currently surrounded by Asad forces. This outcry shows us the level of intensity of the on-going situation. This time, the outcry was not made to humanitarian relief foundations, but rather to animal rights associations, stating 'If you dont see us as humans, at least see us as animals..'
Syria 05.11.2013

The situation regarding the ongoing Syrian crisis is going towards deadly levels as Syrian refugees living in various refugee camps are eating cat and dog meat as the level of starvation is hiking up higher and higher and the urgent needs of winter being added to this.

Hundreds of thousands of refuges being forced to live in refugee camps due to the oppression done by Asad forces are fighting for their lives because of starvation.

With the crisis in Syria going through its third year, 15 million Syrians, 4.5million of these being children are living in poverty and famine.

From 2012, due to the attacks taking place, refugee camps have been set up in secure locations within Syria including Al-Sham, Halab, Hama, Idlib, Latakia, Dair Al-Zor and many other locations within and in countries neighbouring Syria.

Many refugees who have been successful in fleeing the crisis have asylumed in camps situated in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen. Refugees not being able to flee the crisis are currently living on the outskirts of Syria and in locations controlled by the opposition, foundational necessities not being present here. But an important majority are still fighting for their lives living in cities being bombarded by Asad forces and and the Asad Regime.


But starvation and famine has reached 'deadly' levels within these camps. The Qurbani sacrificed meat delivered within the Qurban campaign has already been depleted. Scholars have already given religious legal ruling that 'cats, dogs and donkey could be eaten' within the rule of jurisprudence stating 'In time of need and famine, what is not permissible becomes permissible'.

From the information that has been given by IHH teams within the crisis region, refugess are sick and tired of eating cats and dogs. Religious legal rulings have also been given by scholars for 'males to fast' due to babies crying from hunger and starvation as resources are being depleted rapidly.

'If you dont see us as humans, you could at least see us as animals...

The outcry of a woman in the village of Bayt Shahim in Al-Sham is enough to understand the intensity of the current crisis.


The greatest pain and affliction is the problem of not being able to take out the children and elderly both men and woman who are suffering from illness's and are sick, dying in front of our eyes..

We have understood that this seige and blockade is for bread and food, but we are patient..

For the past 6 months, we are suffering from a depletion of food.

The children here dont have milk to drink, in fact they dont even have food to eat.

We are crying out to all the world leaders, if you dont see us as humans, at least see us as animals and show us the value you at least show to them.

We are crying out to all the animal foundations and organisations present. Please help us.. If you dont see us as humans, at least see us as animals and show us the value that you show to these animals. We have understood that the NGO's dont see us and are turning a blind eye. At least you could help us. There are many organisations present defending the rights of animals, we are also crying out to them..

All the politicians and world leaders state that they condemn the crisis. We are tired of all these piffles, what have we gained from these? A day before the Eid Celebration, a female was sitting down cooking food when a bomb had suddenly fallen on top of her, she had lost her 6 year old child. What crime did this innocent child commit..? was he using a Kalashnikov rifle?

A 24 year old teenager had passed away in front of our eyes. We could not do anything as there was no food, bread or medicine present. Open up the way for humanitarian aid, we are fighing with an absence of food and electricity. We are being patient, but until how long is this going to continue.. ?

For the past one year, there has been no electricity present. All we want is humanitarian aid.. A couple of days ago, a female had fallen sick in front of our eyes to the extent that if any human had seen her, the evil present in his heart would diminish.. Where are we going to take her as there are no hospitals present, no medication present.. There is a child who's mouth is infected. What can we do? He cannot eat nor could he drink anything, who is going to help him? Where are we going to take all our sick who are suffering dearly?

We are going to be patient until our last breath, for we swear that we will not leave our homes. Our children have became martyrs and are still continuing to do so, even with this, we will not leave our homes as Allah is giving us patience with his patience..

Our children are suffering the most

We cannot give them anything to eat.

The death of children has started due to the the seige present upon Al-Sham and Humus by the Asad Regime. It is said that at least 15 children have been lifted to various emergency wards due to them suffering from malnutrition..


Due to the current seige present, food and medical supplies are not being allowed to enter the region. Doctors are stating that if NGO's dont start acting immediately, people will also start passing away due to a lack of medical supplies and medication.

Footage of refugees compaining about the lack of food and medication.


Here is bread made without flower


In this footage from the Refugee camp situated in Yarmouk, we can see that bread is being made with stale lentels. It can be seen that the bread made without flour is quite dry and hard.


It is also stated that the Asad Regime is raising prices of the foundational food necessities such as wheat and corn. Currently in the province of Guta, the price of corn has gone up from 700 dollars to 2500 dollars per ton, and if this continues, it will reach 5000 dollars.


With the information given by IHH coordinator of Syrian Projects and Works, Muhammed Yorgancioglu, it is stated foundational necessities are being depleted quite rapidly due to a hike in the number of refugees present. With winter approaching foundational necessities such as winter clothing, blankets, rain coats, beds and carpets are needed in the regions of Antakia, Hama, Idlib and Halab wherer refugee are majority present.

Mr Yorgancioglu continued, stating 'with the lack of electricity present within the camps, refugees are living in the dark. A temporary solution to this problem would be to buy rechargeable lamps for these regions. Mr Yorgancioglu concluded stating fires are present consistently within these regions, and to counter this civil defence teams should be set up and situated.

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