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IHH launched 107 permanent works in 2022
In 2022, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation launched 107 permanent projects in 17 Asian, African, Balkan, and Middle Eastern countries. 33 construction works are ongoing in 13 countries. In addition, IHH also constructed 2,093 briquette houses in Syria, while the construction of another 2,210 houses continues.
Africa, SouthAsia, Syria 06.01.2023

In addition to its humanitarian aid activities in many regions of the world, IHH has constructed permanent works to assist the people in need.

Thanks to our donors, IHH was able to decide what projects to undertake based on the requirements of the local population, generate solutions suitable to the country's specifics, and start working.

Donors can realize these works through contributions, be it individually, or in groups of people from the same or different families, communities, workplaces, or other social networks.

107 new works

IHH realized 28 mosques, 56 houses, 14 schools, 1 bakery, 2 cultural centers, 2 health facilities, 2 orphan education complexes, 1 orphanage, and 1 dormitory as part of IHH’s 2022 permanent works. In the same year, IHH also repaired 71 structures, including 6 mosques, 61 houses, 3 schools, and 1 health facility.


2,093 briquette houses built

Due to the 12-year Syrian civil conflict, millions of people continue to live in harsh circumstances. The housing issue faced by tens of thousands of individuals causes significant difficulties, particularly in winter.

With the aim to improve the living conditions of war victims, IHH has constructed 2,093 briquette houses in Syria in 2022 and continues to construct another 2,210 briquette houses.


Work in progress

In 2022 alone, IHH has completed its construction projects in: Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Albania, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Niger, Moro, Mali, Liberia, North Macedonia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Burkina Faso, and Azerbaijan.


Through the donations collected, IHH has been able to continue its 33 ongoing permanent works in 13 different countries.


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