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IHH provide assistance to hundreds of thousands of orphans in 2023
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation continued its support for orphans in 2023, providing assistance to hundreds of thousands of orphans and their families. IHH reached over 137,000 orphans every month in 45 countries, including Turkey, through the regular contributions of generous donors. The foundation operated 42 orphanages, 1 orphan education center, and 1 educational campus in 12 countries, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of children through various projects.

Millions of children worldwide have lost their parents due to war, occupation, natural disasters, conflicts, and diseases. Many orphans face threats such as human trafficking, child labor, organ trafficking, drug addiction, criminal networks, and begging networks. The total number of orphans worldwide is estimated to be over 150 million.

In Turkey alone, IHH provided support to 13,219 orphans in 2023.

In other 44 countries, they reached 124,430 orphans, making a total of 137,649 orphans supported regularly each month. Donors can support the food, shelter, healthcare, and education expenses of orphans with a monthly donation of 800 Turkish liras.

IHH aims to support orphans until they become self-sufficient, and therefore, they generate projects and engage in activities in various areas such as housing, healthcare, education, and food.


IHH continued its work in 42 orphanages in 12 countries,

The foundation has been providing orphanage services for many years to orphans who have lost their families and do not have relatives to live with. In 2023, IHH continued its work in 42 orphanages in 12 countries, as well as in 1 orphan education center and 1 

educational campus, covering the monthly expenses of orphans for housing, food, healthcare, and education.


IHH delivered special days offerings

IHH is also involved in delivering the offerings of benefactors who want to share engagement events such as engagements, weddings, circumcisions, condolences, and charity meals with orphans in 12 countries worldwide. Through these activities, bridges of love are built with distant geographies.


Clothing support for children

In 2023, as part of their efforts for orphans, IHH also provided 167,547 children with clothing support. During the Ramadan and Eid al-Adha holidays, they gifted 75,301 and 33,020 orphans, respectively, with festive clothes. Throughout the year, an additional 59,226 orphan children received clothing support.

ihh-2023-yilinda-da-yuz-binlerce-yetime-destek.jpgIHH distributed stationery suplies

The foundation continued its educational activities for orphans, distributing stationery supplies and backpacks to 14,741 children. They also provided vocational training courses to 789 orphan mothers to help them generate income. As part of their health projects, they distributed health supplies to 834 orphans and hygiene kits to 150 orphan families.

siniflar-iyilikte-yarisiyor-4.jpgClassrooms Competing in Goodness

IHH has been implementing the "Classrooms Competing in Goodness" project since 2013, in coordination with the Ministry of National Education and Education Personnel Union. The project, which continued in 2023, allows volunteer students from schools across Turkey to support their orphan siblings. Over one million volunteer students have supported thousands of orphan siblings through this project.


Days of Solidarity with Orphans

Through the "Days of Solidarity with Orphans" event, which has been organized by the foundation since 2011, various activities, as well as education, health, and social support projects, are carried out for orphan children. A total of 113 projects were implemented in 24 countries, including Turkey, during the Days of Solidarity with Orphans. In other periods of the year, 112 different projects were implemented in these areas, including initiatives such as providing small and large livestock, vocational training courses for orphan mothers, fishing boat procurement, opening grocery stores, greenhouse installations, education and health projects, picnics, kite festivals, and excursions.

bakkal.jpgIHH provide household items to 675 orphan families

Among the other projects implemented by IHH throughout the year for orphans and their families were: providing household items to 675 orphan families, tutoring support for 679 orphans, distribution of toys and gifts to 1,490 orphans, and picnic events attended by 10,308 orphans.


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