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IHH continues relief efforts with 5,943 people
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is carrying out activities in earthquake zones with 5,943 search and rescue workers and aid volunteers. While the IHH Search and Rescue Teams pulled 3,028 deceased and injured people from the rubble, emergency aid volunteers delivered support to hundreds of thousands of people in many different areas.

The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which has been conducting search and rescue and humanitarian aid operations since the quake's initial hours, continues its efforts with 5,943 search and rescue personnel and emergency aid volunteers. So far, search and rescue crews have pulled 3,028 deceased or injured people from the wreckage. Many types of assistance, including food, housing, and clothes, were provided by emergency aid teams to earthquake-affected areas.


5.3 million loaves of bread, 1.5 million hot meals distributed

Other aid efforts carried out by IHH for the people affected by the earthquake are as follows:

-1 million 459 thousand 684 dishes of hot meals

-5 million 352 thousand 843 loaves of bread

-850 aid trucks and lorries

-1500 tents

-196 thousand 214 pieces of blankets

-1 million 537 thousand 376 crates of water

-78 thousand 861 pieces of hygiene kits

-341 thousand 559 pieces of clothing

-27 thousand 866 pieces of baby formula

-81 thousand 425 pieces of baby diapers

-589 thousand 413 various foodstuffs

-53 thousand 969 pieces of furnishes

-17 thousand 498 food parcels


To support the relief efforts

People who want to support the relief efforts of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in the earthquake areas can donate 10 TL by messaging “DEPREM”  to 3072. Those who want to donate higher amounts can do so by writing "EARTHQUAKE" in the explanation section of their donations  through IHH's website or in their bank statements

For those who want to support from outside of Turkey can donate to the following accounts




TR66 0001 0004 8802 1249 9450 07



TR39 0001 0004 8802 1249 9450 08



TR28 0001 0004 8802 1249 9450 12



TR06 0001 0004 8802 1249 9450 20

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