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IHH aid drive for Balkans
Life has practically halted in the Balkans which has been experiencing the coldest winter in years. Tens of thousands of people were cut off from the rest of the world only in Serbia and Sandzak when
Balkans 14.02.2012

Heavy and continuous snowfall over the last few days in Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sandzak and Albania has paralyzed life. In the Bosnian capital Sarajevo snow thickness in the city center reached two meters and shut most roads to traffic. Access to many villages in Serbia’s mountainous south was cut off and temperatures fell to minus 36 in Sandzak region. IHH, its local partner organizations and emergency relief teams sent to the region are distributing food supplies and winter necessities to local people.  

Particularly in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sandzak, Albania and Kosovo most rural road networks remain closed. Residents of the villages cut off by snow cannot receive anything they need from outside. Transportation vehicles are grounded because of snow and there are frequent power cuts in many villages and towns. Water network has frozen. Fuel shortages have emerged in most parts of the region, especially in cities. There is also need for animal feed, while hungry street animals pose a threat to local population.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has begun emergency relief works in the region paralyzed by the white disaster. Winter shoes, blankets, basic food items, fuel and other winter clothing pieces are being distributed in the affected areas of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Sandzak. IHH is planning to carry out extensive relief efforts in the Balkans with the help of its donors.

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